Your Vibrational Signature

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 7
     All atoms at their most basic level are merely vibrating energy.  The atoms of a particular vibration, congregating together, make the basis for any given element in our material world, from the light, airy gases to the densest of minerals that make up Earth’s elemental table.  But vibration goes beyond our physical world. We are on a vibrational journey. Vibrational levels are correlated with levels of vibrational understanding, which includes our thoughts and how we understand our world and its events.
     When we incarnate, we extend our learning about vibration into this physical realm called an experiential learning field.  We are learning about language, math, and the sciences.  We are learning through events that we consciously or unconsciously create, a result of our decisions based on, more often than not, a lack of understanding.  The—usually unwelcome—result of our decisions causes us to pause and reflect on, not only the outcome, but also the decisions that led up to that final event.  The learning that comes out of it expands our conscious vibrational understanding, resulting in our own vibrational attunement, reflecting our new understanding.  So, in essence, when we say we are on a vibrational journey, our souls are studying all forms of vibration, and everything is vibration.  Even our souls have a unique vibrational signature, which is how we unconsciously identify each other when we meet for the first time, recognizing one another at the soul level.
       Prior to birth we design the life experiences that we wish to have for learning purposes.  A vibrational attunement is received from other souls who understand the vibration needed to open the door to those experiences.  Once in this learning field, our vibration is altered slightly with each learning experience.  These are the attunements we receive.  The slightly new vibration opens the door to more possibilities, the quantum events that are available within the individual’s learning field, channeling the charged atoms within the energy field to transform new probabilities into actual events.  One can have many paths available, but limited “events,” based on the learning achieved.
     All learning and events are intended for our conscious evolution.  It is the purpose of our existence and the purpose of creation. Our vibrational signatures reflect who we are, based on the totality of life’s events and what we have learned.  Each is unique and as accurate as our thumb print.  We send out our vibrational signature into the atmosphere around our physical bodies and it travels out into the field, crossing the paths of all living things, setting up possibilities within the field that we have not yet even determined ourselves.  The ability to observe other people’s signatures can give clues to future cause and effect, or future events for learning purposes.  Corrections to our understanding, as we come to understand a deeper truth, are what we call “attunements.” Our vibrations and our degree of understanding are attuned to our physical bodies.
     All matter within the universe provides a structural makeup to support the movement of energy that promotes a continuous expansion of universal consciousness.  This includes the suns, planets, nebulae and even comets.  One of the energy structures that exists is called a quadraplex.  The quadraplex measures the signatures given off from each human, then directs the flow of energy within the quantum fields of possibilities into events for learning for each individual.  This is relative to the mass consciousness of a given area and the ever-changing alignment of planets, which also have a vibrational effect upon Earth and its inhabitants.  The changes in Earth’s rotation creates numerical changes, dictating a quantum release of vibrating energies out in many directions to affect events for further understanding.  It is a poetic vibrational dance between all universal bodies, scripting the next act to be played out on the stage of life.  A musical of sorts, we send out our vibrations, which are read and orchestrated by the quadraplex, then choreographed with the vibration of the earth and all universal bodies, relative to their changing location, all in a crescendo of musical vibration, setting the stage for the next scene to be played out through all universal events.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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