Vortexes and Triangulations

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 4
     A vortex is a counter-clockwise movement of particles that create an opening that allows various vibrations to pass through to the receiving end.  The purpose of the vortex is to transport our level of understanding, our messages and our prayers to God, the Creator.  This includes our misperceptions, misinterpretations, our dreams and wants, in the form of vibration.  Each vibration that passes through a vortex represents an event, communicated to the other side.  What vibrations can enter depends on the positive- or negative-charge within the vortex’s area of attachment, and its ability to move the vibration from one side to the other.
     An arch receives the vibrational tones, which acts like a circular portal, directing the vibrational levels in a circular pattern into the vortex.   As the accelerating vibrational tones expand outward in ripples within the vortex, they have the ability to reach their maximum capacity and be diluted by other expanding vibrations from other events.  It would be like dropping several stones into the pond at the same time in slightly different locations.  Their ripples going outward eventually collide with the other surrounding “events,” or ripples from the other dropped stones; each interfering with and diluting each others’ vibration.  To prevent this from happening, there are sub-vortices affixed to different areas of the main vortex that act like small boosters, which keep each vibrational event intact so that each, as a communication, reaches the other side of the vortex, into another dimension, unaltered.
     Triangulations, referred to as a “three-sided pod,” is a deviation in the molecular flow that exists between two points.  This deviation in the flow of molecules magnifies and excites the molecular pattern, increasing the flow in a counterclockwise vortexal movement.  This accelerates the energy stream particles, magnifying its intensity, to create various geomagnetic patterns, each containing a geometric force created through vibrational levels of excited particles.  Each level contains a specific pattern, used for a specific purpose.  Therefore, triangulations create geometric patterns from various vibrational levels of excited particles that can be used for various specific purposes.
     One such purpose is for the levying a higher communication within by having three people meditate together.   There are various types of communication that people are able to attain: The neuronet is a “tapping in” to a reservoir of simplistic universal information.  It is simply hearing a word or two.  There is communication with the higher self, when one has attained that level of mastery.  There is communication with entities of limited understanding, communication with entities of extreme understanding and everything in between.
     What we are trying to teach is a higher communication within during a deep meditative state for the purpose of higher levels of understanding.  This can be achieved by way of learning to reconnect to the higher self, when one is ready, to access past learning and understanding. It is also achieved by the help of a spiritual guide to bring new understanding to be contemplated.
     One’s true intentions play a role in all of this.  The more noble the cause, such as being in servitude to help humanity and universal beings, a higher entity communication can be gained.
     Standing near a vortex, one may be able to feel the residue of the vibrations that have passed through it: the vibrations of the history of the area.  Those that were there, those that are there, their thoughts and their prayers.  The strong vibrational residue can leave one to believe it is sacred, but it is not.  The only area considered sacred in the spiritual world is the vortex of the universe, where the Creator communicates directly to the messengers, which are the Ancients.  Not the masters.  All other vortexes are a link to the other side of the veil.
     The vortexes are seldom being used for its intended purpose, as man has turned them into valueless concepts to make profits.  In fact, we were told many had previously been moved due to this very reason and that we are now in a period where vortexes have been removed so new ones can be brought forth in the future, together with a reconstruction of the neuronet/grid for a new and improved communication process for man.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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