Vibrational Patterns Distorting an Optical View

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 7
     Strange things happen that defy reason.  Each of us probably has at least one story to tell of a life-changing event: an accidental attunement to a higher vibration allowing a peek into another sphere.  Sometimes our spiritual guides promote circumstances in which we find ourselves in a situation where our world has changed dramatically for a very short time.  The strangeness gives us the impetus to ask, “What just happened?”  It is the driving force into the journey of the unknown, a glimpse at what lies beyond our limited three-dimensional world; a tantalizing snapshot of a new and unexplored sphere.  We have had a few of these experiences, which led us back to the Ancients, our spiritual guides, for answers.
     We were on a road trip, traveling from one state to another.  We had no plans for where we were going to stay that night.  As the evening drew near and we grew tired, we opted to stay at the next town, which happened to be Laughlin, Nevada.  We called our reservation in to a casino-hotel within a half-hour of arriving.  After parking the car, we proceeded to the reservation desk with our suitcase to check in.  Standing in line, Renee glanced around, observing the people coming and going.  Suddenly, a whole new world appeared.  Each person appeared in a dramatized version of themselves; like being inserted into a Harry Potter movie.  The woman with a hunchback, the man with a limp, the large man holding a little baby: all were over-exaggerated within the visual realm.  Renee continued to observe all the people coming and going for the entire evening, in awe of the drama being played out, coming to an end only after returning to the hotel room.
     The next day saw a reset and we packed up and moved on.  Meeting up with a friend later that evening, we sat chatting about various things going on in each others lives.  This time it was Kent having the optical experience.  Like watching two impressions of the same person, one slightly different than the other, his view vacillated back and forth between the two versions.  He described it being like sitting in front of twin women, shifting his glance between one and the other as they took turns talking.  The slight facial changes seemed to be related to the subject at hand, almost generated by an emotional attachment to the subject matter.  When we had the chance to meditate later on, we promptly asked our mentors about the two experiences.
     In essence, each person being viewed is releasing a vibrational influence on the field around them, drawn from their life experiences.  It is an unconscious projection of the conceptual understanding of one’s life experiences and subsequent feelings of self-worth into the field around them, which most often is in conflict with the true, higher self.  The vibrational release is strong enough to distort the field surrounding the physical body and can be visualized, if proper attunement is attained.  This directly relates to the stored memories of one’s life experiences and their interpretation of those events reflected into one’s self-worth, then projected out into the field around them in a strong vibration of, “this is who I am,” based on an incorrect interpretation.  This current life is only a chapter of a large on-going script in which we play many roles and we forget there is a much larger part of our existence.  We are unconsciously projecting this strong vibration into the field around us, picked up only by those who are attuned to be able to see, much like those who are vibrationally attuned to see ghosts.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!




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