Universal Laws and Concepts

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 6
     The last blog, completing chapter 5, finished with “Time to close the [perceptual] learning process.”  It is interesting that it coincided with the close of our calendar year.  This blog begins the calendar year with the next chapter in The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance, introducing us to the next chapter for man: that of conceptual learning.  Conceptual understanding is like working on a puzzle: as each piece is placed, the larger picture becomes more and more visible.   As this perceptual learning cycle comes to a close, many truths are being revealed about our misperceptions.  Some people see the picture early on and are quickly coming to the conclusion that we have bought in to many false realities, based not on truth, but perception.  Others are holding on to their past perceptions, waiting for the final pieces to be placed before they will formally acknowledge what the true picture is.  It really depends on how open and perceptive we are and how we gather our data.
     The study of Universal Laws and Concepts reveals how everything is connected: The compressed gases that form matter make up our physical and experiential learning field.  How those same gases in the atmosphere form the template for how life forms are expressed here.  The atmospheric gases, and their charged atoms, form bonds that form strings, connecting the physical worlds and the spiritual world.  Those strings of charged atoms make up the plasma cords that form communication lines between the physical worlds and the spiritual world, enabling us to have communication.  The Law of Profusion states that all related matter is interconnected and that its’ subatomic particles come together to form an electrical and magnetic flow unto itself, much like Earth’s electromagnetic field.  Sections within the universes form self-governing and somewhat self-contained areas.  These areas correspond to laws that govern the learning available within that part of the galaxy.  There are laws that govern the formation of new particles within a neighborhood, a process of recycling and evolution that has gone unnoticed by humanity.  It is our job to be perceptive, to notice all that surrounds us, and to be inquisitive in our search for the truth of all that occurs within our field.  Our field is ever-changing for our conscious evolution.
     There are millions upon millions of laws regarding universal connectiveness that create a conceptual value of understanding for us to partake in.  The Law of Understanding the Concepts of the Law, the Law of Energy Flow and Plasmic Cordance, the Law of Traversing the Galaxies: all laws have corresponding concepts.  The learning associated with these concepts is tied to the planet’s position in the galaxy and the flow of energy that brings expanding levels of understanding.  The laws set the parameters for how the physical world works, how it is tied to the spiritual world and what learning is available within that section of that universe.  Understanding the laws only relates to what learning is available within that section and does not allow access to all information that exists throughout all of creation.  It is limited by a predetermined accepted level of learning within a particular neighborhood within a planetary system that correlates with a geometrical level and its corresponding vibrational scale.
          Not everything is the same throughout the universes.  Each area is somewhat self-contained in its self-rule and has laws that pertain to its inhabitants and its particular gaseous makeup.  Each area is vibrationally coordinated within a larger conceptual area of the galaxy.  This is likened to our own self-rule within a larger community: We must understand the laws of the community in which we live in order to understand the chaos that exists within our own self-rule.  The learning available is absolutely beyond our recognition at our stage of development.  Individually, we set our own goals for learning and what we wish to experience.  Where we are in our level of understanding and what we wish to learn and experience determines the specific location we can go to for learning.  Our home planet has to provide the level of learning that we are capable of comprehending.
     As the galaxies begin to rebalance, the star systems will rearrange, setting new parameters for learning.  The Law of a Conceptual Being will come into play for Earth and its inhabitants, raising the vibration that transforms matter on this planet.  This changes the learning field.  Time will present the opportunity for contemplation of historical events and their causes.  It is our analysis of these events and our final understanding that will direct the particles in an upward vibration, changing matter to some degree, in an evolutionary process.  Singularity of minds signifies a wider perspective within that parameter, reflecting a higher level of understanding, raising our vibration.  It is the most important law of understanding the connectedness of all within the parameters of our region.  But it is far from the polarized environment in which we reside currently.  It is the contemplation of events that occur that bring us to the truth of what really exists, solidifying our individual thought processes into one single thought.  It is through our analysis of all past, current and future events that we come to realize that we are all part of a larger universal consciousness.  When we understand this, it transcends everything within our physical world and how we perceive it.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!



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