Understanding Both Sides of Your Nature

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 8
     This lesson is not an easy read, so we are going to break it down paragraph-by-paragraph.  You can cross-reference our interpretation with the actual channeled dictation.
     Coming to understand both sides of the opposing forces at work within ourselves: neither is right or wrong; each give opposite sides of understanding that bring balance.  Each side has a value that gives clarity to the higher self.  Both conscious and unconscious behaviors contribute to the self-image that we aspire to, relating to our usually incorrect perception of who we think we are.  Our incorrect perception of self-worth is reflected in the image that we want to portray.  The ego at work, our motives create our behavior, and then we try to incorporate a corresponding spiritual interpretation to justify our behavior.
     The accuracy of our interpretation of the spiritual Self is hidden within the deep-rooted perception of who we think we are.  It has arisen out of our own evolutionary course, causing our limited understanding of the higher self.  Human understanding is chained within this small Earth realm and does not reflect the understanding shared throughout the universe.  The magnitude of the universal cognizance reflects a mathematical equivalence, which dictates the extreme parameters available for learning within Universal Laws and Concepts.  [Remember, even our thoughts produce a vibration, which is a wave-form that can be plotted on graphing paper, in which a mathematical equation can be made from the various coordinates on the paper.  As we correct our understanding, our vibration changes, and the mathematical equation also becomes more accurate.]  The guide is saying that it is quite out of the ordinary how humans have boxed in their soul, relative to other beings.  Our current misperceptions have been cultivated through a prolonged public discourse within a time sequence, continuing to expand, uninterrupted, to a great pervasiveness.  This has caused the duality within ourselves to exist: we perceive a righteousness, but, in reality, a shallowness exists that is conforming to a lower value in understanding.  This has produced an incomplete attunement; energetically unsafe.  Our diversion from true understanding has been sustained due to lack of truthful information from valuable Source entities.
     We are being encouraged to step into the quantum release of information and to continue our contemplation of information received from exchanges with Source entities to correct the multitude of misperceptions that exist here on Earth.  We are to quiet our thoughts to correct our course through the analyzing the cause of all events, moving with the plasmic flow of informational energy that exists within our realm.  Study the vibrational thoughts delivered to us from our Source guide, as we quiet our minds and allow our higher self to show us the way.  We must move away from listening to others: all our answers can be found within.
     The diversion of truth that has occurred is creating a contractual pulling in of events, caused by the confluence of energies produced by the multitude of misperceptions that have been taught.  The divisiveness seen today is caused by each holding what they believe to be knowledge and understanding, yet we are all stuck within the closed parameters of a limited flow of true understanding.  This is confining our souls to limited expansion, when compared to what the Creator has offered us and all that exists for our attainment.  We simply cannot see the true concepts that are presented to us from our Creator.  The Source entities are within reach, but not for those who have confined their thinking.  Stagnation is taught here, not allowing the expansion of understanding for the soul.  Our own awakening has been a difficult and frightful task.
     The diversion of true understanding contributes to the duality within.  This is timed to be released now as we close the door to perceptual understanding and open the door to a new cycle of conceptual learning without the involvement of the ego-driven attainment.  It will be a period focusing on the complete wellness of our spiritual accomplishments within a broader quantum field coordinated with Universal Laws and Concepts.  We are being urged to let go of behaviors of the past, to stop teaching prior concepts, and to reach beyond to a new conceptual understanding.  The expanse of learning that exists is much deeper than the shallow teachings that have existed until now.  The question presented was, “Who is willing to step beyond to understand the new teachings?”  The answer, “Only a few.”  We are being urged to use our discernment and hold fast to our cause, the reason for our existence: the learning.  Quiet the mind to a new sustainable truth, which has been blocked by the many who are trying to reach for an attainment that is not guided from within.  Speak to the silence: it gives way to the Creator’s understanding of the higher self, driven completely by the purpose for all that exists, which is the expansion of a universal consciousness.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!