Truth vs. Perception

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 5
     “The truth is dead, that is why no one recognizes it,” according to the Ancients, or ancient Creational teachers, who also proclaim, “True ignorance leads to the understanding of bliss.”  Humanity is now being called to awaken, to rid ourselves of all misperceptions and to search for a higher truth.  It requires that we check in with ourselves to analyze what we are actually seeing vs. what we think we are seeing.  We are being told that our perception of universal intelligence does not correlate with the vastness of real universal consciousness.  There are other entities with extreme intelligence, of which we are currently unaware of, waiting to teach us.  Yet we are listening to others who have limited understanding, including the many who are channeling entities not of the highest knowledge.   All universal communications have a cause and effect: the cause is imparting an understanding, the effect is the actual understanding gained.  There is no entertainment value and there is no expectation of anything gained as a result of the communication, other than a greater understanding.
     Even though one may ask to speak with the highest Light Source does not guarantee that is what they get.  There are some reasons for that.  First, there are many deceivers and much manipulation, both physical and nonphysical.  Secondly, Source assigns a communicative mentor based on one’s existing level of understanding and one’s intentions.  If the channeler’s intentions are to be in the limelight, that intention is of a lower vibration and they will ultimately attract the same.  We must learn to see the profiteering, charlatanism and the obvious attention-seeking.    The information received must result in a new and profound understanding and should not be for our entertainment.  It is important to analyze our own perceptions and what it is we are seeking.
     How we feel is an indicator of our level of understanding an event.  An understanding produces a calmness with the new insight.  Tune in to how you feel.  As mentioned in the previous blog, the truth is highly moveable and is based on the information we have at the time.  It is influenced by how we were raised, what we have been taught, what we choose to see or not see, how diligent we are at collecting information and how we analyze that information to connect all the dots.  Do you want the truth as it pertains to the situation as it is now, or do you draw your conclusions after the outcome of more telling events and data collection?  The truth directly corresponds to our level of understanding.
     Everything is attached and nothing stands alone.  Our understanding is dependent on our ability to connect the dots of all angles of any given event.  The mass consciousness determines the value in the interpretation of the event on a larger scale.  If a depth of understanding of an event is not attained, measured by structures in Earth’s plasmic atmosphere, a vibrational force is set forth to determine the next step in our learning.  This is accomplished by the angulation of proclammation (chapter 9), which protrudes the energy field in various directions, responding to movement in the energy field and sets forth the directions for the next step in the progression of our conceptual understanding.  For example, if these structures detect a lack of understanding (nocticity), a vibration  is released to trigger another sequence of events to cause our leap forward in understanding and conscious evolution.  This is determined by universal law.  (The word is saliendrical event, not cylindrical event, as presented in the first edition of A Study in Renaissance.  We recently discovered the root word salien, meaning to leap, so this is a correction on our part and a good example of how moveable the truth is and how dependent truth is on our search efforts to discover it.)
     Our search for truth also includes a spiritual being from the other side of the veil who works on our behalf in our struggle to understand, delivering thoughts to us to further our level of understanding in our inward contemplation.  Not all truths are evident and require assistance from the other side.  Humans are perceptual beings and what we see, in part, is a limitation and result of the ego in our efforts to preserve self.  Understanding from the other side is a consequence of spiritual communication; yet we are not often aware that this is happening, thinking it is our own thoughts.
     The truth is driven by our perceptions, but truth is not separate from the facts.  Our biases and perceptions are present before the event unfolds and adds to the event.  This also has to be analyzed to understand what pathways lead up to an event.
     Our perceptions are being controlled from outside the earth via an underlying vibrational force, moving us in a not-so-transparent direction to  find a higher level of understanding through our devotion to seeking truth.  It is the truth as the universe sees it and not as we think the universe sees it.  The universe has more intellectual understanding than we can conceive.  When we finally come to understand this, a multitude of possibilities arise for communication with those of the true higher knowledge.  Our perceptions now are lacking in quality of truth.  We must come to recognize the ego at work, both within ourselves and others we are listening to, that contribute to our false perceptions.  There are other outside beings who are waiting and willing to share a vastness of knowledge through a continuous communication that will enable us to touch and hold a much deeper truth than we ever thought possible.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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