The Fourth Dimension

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 4
     This is a continuance of Dimensions: a learning tool, which you  may want to review before you continue, and can be found at, as well as all past blogs.
     Each universe has a quantum (many) of dimensions.  Dimensions are learning fields.  Specific learning is assigned to each dimension. There are dimensions in which we live in, a holographic field density for learning, such as the three dimensions of space that we currently reside in.  The next dimension, the fourth, we can access through  both sleep and meditation.  This is within the minds’ realm at this time.  We are going to define both of these to hopefully make it a little clearer.
     Humans are living in the 3rd dimensional physical world and are entering the fourth dimension of time during the sleep state.  In our dreams, we are contemplating events of time past and our possible future paths.  It is metaphoric and symbolic and does not make much sense at face value.  But, using a good dream dictionary, one can piece together what we are doing on a spiritual level.  The fourth dimension of time is where the human soul resides.  This is where our physical world decisions are usually scripted from, if we are following our higher guidance.
     It is also possible to visit the fourth dimension from a deep meditation, in which one can experience visions that are both symbolic and metaphoric for our contemplation.  Again, a good dream dictionary or two will help with the decoding of both dreams and visions.  We particularly like I Had The Strangest Dream by Kelly Sullivan Walden.
     The fourth dimension is a bridge to knowing Self, the soul that resides in the fourth dimension.  Time is a bridge to knowing self: it is through all our events along a timeline, and our introspection of those events, that we get to know ourselves better: who we really are.  We also are getting to know our fourth dimensional soul better through the analysis of our dreams and visions.  The fourth is the beginning of knowing the soul and the truth about who we really are and where we are going in our spiritual evolution.  The fourth dimension is the hardest and takes the longest time to move through.  The fourth is about understanding Self, the soul, in all of time: all past lives, all past learning.
          We will live in one dimension and enter the next dimensional learning field temporarily through meditation.  We only move physically into the next dimension until we substantially understand it first.  There are those who may be moving into the fourth dimension physically, which will have the same type of body that we have now, but prepared at the subatomic level to accept the magnetic energy which stabilizes the fourth dimension; an attunement of sorts.  Therefore, we are not moving into the fifth dimension, which requires a different type of body, a lighter one, one that requires a new incarnation.  We will move into the fifth dimension only when we are ready to understand the learning in it.
     In meditation, we raise our vibration to match the fourth dimension.  We may experience a vision that seems both like reality and unreality at the same time, like a dream.  Before doing so, one has to know what they are searching for, forming a question in one’s mind: something one wants to understand.  The answer you are looking for must be at a level that you are able to comprehend.  That is why you absolutely should not skip steps.  “Step two does not come before step one.”
      The masters have “mastered” this learning field and have gone on to the next level.  While here, they were able to walk on water, projecting self as a hologram, speak to the masses through telepathy: do things that seem miraculous to us.  This learning comes out of the higher dimensions.
     Each successive dimension is a higher learning process.  Each higher dimension builds upon the last and failure to fully understand the current dimension, forging to a higher dimension prematurely, can be detrimental to the soul.  Universal Law dictates you cannot go to a higher realm for this reason.  It is extremely important to do the work to create a stable foundation of understanding, up to the fourth dimension, awakening to who you really are and where you fit in creation, before moving on.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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