The Chakras and the Kundalini

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 4
     When starting the spiritual path, we are introduced to many new words that beg our attention.  One of those words for us was chakra.  After doing an internet search, we were left more confused than before starting the search.  It seemed that chakras accounted for more things than we could wrap our heads around.  That is when we turned to the Ancients, or ancient preceptors of the Creator, for clarification.  We have been told that man has a tendency to interject their own interpretation, that man adds to, rather than repeating as it was originally given.  Over the years, the definitions have changed.  As we have said, this lesson meets a lot of resistance in people.  Keep an open mind; it is a lot simpler.
     The current definition and associated usage of chakras has changed from its original intent, yet the idea of seven chakras has gained a strong-hold on Earth, especially in the U.S.  It was known in ancient cultures that chakras, Sanskrit for wheel,  were activated during meditation to achieve consciousness and Oneness with the Infinite, or God, the Creator.  It is with this use that those who are able to can commune with the Ancients for higher understanding of All That Is.
     The chakras are only for communicating with the Ancients and, through the Ancients, the Creator for higher understanding.  This universal communication process is only given to those that participate in the origin of universal consciousness.  Not everyone can have their chakras activated.  Furthermore, the chakras are only activated during the communication process.  The ones that are turned on are only what is required for a particular communication.  It is not necessary to utilize all chakras for all types of communication, only those that can impart clarity.
     There are only five chakras, which ancient man understood.  Man has since added the other two.  The root chakra, what is currently believed to be the first chakra, is actually governed by the chi, the portal to life force energy.  The chi gives the instinct of life.  Sexual drive, which is currently believed to be the second chakra, is governed by chemical-biological activity.  The survival instinct and sexual drive are so strong that it is easy to understand why man came to believe they were chakras.
     So let’s look at the remaining five.  The communication enters the aura through the quillerium flap and proceeds to the fifth chakra, the chi, surrounding the umbilicus.  The chi gives the root feeling of the energy force; hence, the “root chakra.”  The energy force proceeds up the back and passes through the fourth chakra, the heart, which gives the emotional vibration of the intent of the communication.  Moving up the back, the energy now passes through the third, throat, chakra, giving the verbal representation of the communication energy.  It forms the meaning of sounds.  The third eye, or second chakra, is able to visualize by reflecting upon the vibration to visualize its intent.  The first, or crown chakra, at the top of the head, the cerebral cortex, is a neuronet that processes all the symbols of the root feeling, emotion, language/sound and vision, which gives clarity to the communication by “connecting the dots.”
     The density of the energy flow reflects the amount of compressed thought in a communication and varies with each person, depending on the innate ability they have to communicate and how much they can comprehend.  Our communication leaves the crown chakra and is replicated within the universal energy, interfacing with the plasmic cords and is picked up by the communicating entity.  The answer comes back to us, entering in through the quillerium flap, forming a loop of communication.
      There are two types of stimulation in which the chakras are activated:  1) Symbolic stimulation created by man’s desire, causing a default that does not correlate with the true alignment of the universal energy field.  2) True stimulation, which occurs when one is in deep meditation, aligning with both the earth’s energy field and the universal communicative energy field, attuning to the sound produced through vibrational waves within both energy fields.
     The kundalini springs forth the universal consciousness, based on the planetary alignments within the solar system and the magnetic field.  It shifts as the planets rotate and according to the flow of the liquid core of the planets.  The human energy field is able to sense this strong magnetic field.  The kundalini is not spiritual as man represents it.  It is based on the planet’s location within its constellation and its interaction with reference points in other fields.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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