Seven Magnitudinal Changes

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 7
     Most people would agree we are going through some major changes.  The extent of those changes is beyond our recognition.  When we received this lesson in February, 2007, we were informed that we were just beginning the fourth stage of seven layers of vibrational change; the first seven of seven that will bring completeness.  The completeness is in our understanding.  Our vibration and understanding are reflective to each other.  Change is necessary in the ever-expanding universal consciousness.   A DNA change is necessary to be able to adequately expand our conscious ability.  What initiates this change?  The negative vibration coming from Earth.  But this negativity is not what you may think.  It relates to science and the amount of negatively-charged atoms within Earth’s atmosphere.  This is our translation of this section in chapter 7, augmented by our limited scientific research.  Do some research and compare for yourself!
     Regional  ionic disturbances of charged atoms within the atmosphere around a given planet generate magnetic changes, which are related to the changes necessary in the vibrational level of all living physical expression.  The ionosphere, a layer of charged particles in Earth’s atmosphere, has become imbalanced to a more negative-leaning charge.  The resulting negative vibration is causing the climate changes we have seen over the past several years.  There simply is not enough positive vibration to provide the balance to keep the stability intact.  What has caused this imbalance of atmospheric ions?  The vibrational output of sound: too much noise!  The negative vibrational change has affected the magnetic field surrounding Earth, warping it.  Electrons hold a negative charge; protons hold the positive charge.  Electromagnetic fields are created by the movement of electrons, negatively-charged ions, creating a combined electric and magnetic field.  According to our mentors, when the balance of charged atoms are changed, the magnetic field also changes.  This has a direct effect on living matter and extends like rings in a pond into the universe, necessitating correction to reinstate balance: the balance between negatively-charged electrons and positively-charged protons.
     The change in magnetic flow in relation to the the rotational field of the earth creates the trigger to change the vibrational structure of the earth to bring balance.  The “switching of sides,” and it is assumed we are talking about the electromagnetic field poles, is what reinstates the natural flow of energy and the attuned vibrational balance of Earth and happens periodically through the life of any given sphere.
     All spheres have their own, unique, living, breathing entity within.  Within the sphere’s subatomic field of Light, resides the starship, linking all matter.  The completeness of All That Is is incomprehensible to us at this time in our early development.  Yet our relevance as a species relies upon our level of comprehension.  Changes have to be made to bring our level of understanding forward in order to preserve our species and the earth.
     This section ends stating that the non-neutronal atmosphere is overwhelming the vibrational space being held by those of higher vibration, creating less vortex’s on Earth.  The neutrons lack any charge and can break down into protons,  the positively-charged atoms that would be needed to balance the large number of electrons.  Is the imbalance in the excessive amounts of negatively-charged atoms overwhelming the vibrational space, creating less vortexes on Earth?  From previous lessons, we were told the vortexes allow the passage of all vibration from the physical realm to the spiritual realm: all events, including our prayers and aspirations.  How, ultimately is this going to be rebalanced?
     In 2015, the scientific community announced that a stream of cosmic rays was seen coming our way from our galactic center; a byproduct of a supernova.  A supernova begins as a deteriorating star blows off its outer shell, its’ particles being flung out into space, colliding with other particles, splitting and dividing the atoms along the way.  This splitting of atoms produces subatomic particles, including protons and gamma rays.  Protons reside in the nucleus of atoms.  We were told by an Ancient, our spiritual mentor, that there would be a “proton invasion of the nuclei,” that would increase the density of all living matter and that humanity would become a gamma species.  Gamma rays affect DNA; negatively if exposed too much.  But what if our exposures are controlled by the amount of time we spend outside?  Is this remnant of a supernova what ultimately brings the balance and changes us genetically?
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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