A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 3
     The heavens that we perceive are not relevant to what really exists throughout creation.  Within the atmosphere is an invisible web comprised of charged atoms that form plasma cords, carrying the “Light.”  The Light, also invisible, is the energy that carries the higher intelligent communication.  It functions much like our fiber optic cables that carry telephone and internet communication.  It is designed to be in a constant state of evolution, prompting all beings capable of higher levels of understanding to take the challenge.  Even the neuronet has been recently upgraded to support a denser communication ability, denser in that there is more information “packed” into the transmission.
     Our physical existence supports our study of the physical expression of vibration:  All mass is composed of atoms in varying degrees of density, in which each atom has its own geometric expression.  The atoms are made up of subatomic particles, which vibrate to and fro, giving the atom its characteristic vibration.  We are told by our mentors that, beyond the subatomic particles, it is all comprised of just uniquely vibrating energy.  As we study the physical field in which we reside, we are studying the vibration of all things: sound, language, weather, events, and thought processes, just to name a few.  We cannot learn everything in one life time, so our quest for higher degrees of enlightenment brings us forward to a new development opportunity in a new body at a future time.
     Again, humans are the youngest culture, both physically and spiritually.  Our experiences are limited and our understanding is limited.  It is a misnomer that we are just coming back to relearn what we already knew through a single life experience.  Creator, who generates the Life Force to All That Is, understands that it will take much experience to raise the understanding, and thus the vibration, of the lesser life forces to equal the levels of understanding that exist in creation.  Our gift from Creator is the gift of life so that we may accomplish this goal.
     We experience the “positive” when we are learning and expanding in our level of understanding, raising our own vibration.  “Negative” is the opposite and usually applies to those who control others through the withholding or deflection of truthful information.  This “nocturnal” behavior is aimed at keeping others in the dark for purposes of control.  As we raise our level of understanding and vibration, we influence those around us to do the same, helping to steer them away from negative influence.  This reflects back upon us, helping us to control the positive/negative field around ourselves.
     Prior to physical incarnation, we coordinate with our soul group, making plans for our next experience in this holographic learning field.  We make plans for our inter-woven roles, supporting each other in our learning experiences.  Those who have gained the vibrational understanding of particular lessons in previous life times help to design the path and will give the vibrational attunement to the one now wishing to experience the same.  This altered vibrational attunement will create the opening for the path of this individual as they enter their new physical experience.
     As we actively participate in our learning process, we are able to expand our own neuronetical field of the soul that reaches out beyond our universe, attaching to the neuronet and directing a plasmic flow of knowledge to coordinate with our physical learning experiences.  The physical experiences thrust us forward in understanding the vibration and the geometry of the physical field that encompasses matter and within the limits of Universal Laws and Concepts set within that area of the universe in which one is incarnating to.  Though most of us do not think of our lessons in terms of mathematics, the soul is actively analyzing them on a mathematical  level.
     All of creation was designed for the ever-evolving expansion of intelligent consciousness and Creator has designed many learning fields for our use.  The physical holographic learning field is just one.  This hologram is much more sophisticated than the hologram we understand so far.  It also encompasses technology that enables us to utilize our senses to be able to see, hear, feel, and touch.  Each of the seven universes has its own parameters and levels for learning.  One can only enter an area of learning that is appropriate to their existing level of understanding.  Since humans have much to learn, we must continue within this universe before we can step up to another.
     Evolution is necessary in order for all living matter to be sustained.  It would otherwise not be in compliance with Universal Laws and Concepts and would be in resistance to what Creator has designed and become extinct.  In order to continue to sustain our spiritual existence and the existence of this physical plane, we must continue to focus on our growth in understanding and our expansion of higher energy fields, fed by the intelligent energy of the Light.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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