Perception Can Be Calculated

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 5
     Like professors found in colleges and universities, there are spiritual professors who have a concentrated field of study.  One is able to enter a “classroom” in deep meditation, see the professor and have a sense of others joining in.  For answers to queries in a certain topic, one may be referred by one mentor to a professor who has extensive knowledge in that subject, but may have varying degree’s of understanding in other subjects.  Just because one has crossed over or resides primarily in non-physical form does not mean they have full understanding of all things.  The Ancients have a much more comprehensive understanding.  They are ancient beings created in the beginning of time, their primary “job” is teaching various topics.  They are also responsible, at least in part, for setting the vibrational parameters of a given sphere: the parameters of learning available within the various learning spheres, or planets.   Sometimes the communication will include input from both Ancients and professors.  This lesson was dictated by our primary mentor, an Ancient, who seems to jump around a bit in the discussion making several points, but it all relates to finding true understanding.
     As we have mentioned previously, everything has a particular vibration, from the lightest of gases to the densest of metal.  Even the various thoughts and levels of understanding have corresponding levels of vibration, which has a corresponding mathematical equation.  A perception that is not aligned to truth, or is partially aligned to truth, will not be complete and correct mathematically.  As we examine the various layers of “truths,” our vibrational understanding is corrected and mathematically our thoughts are corrected.  If a person has crossed over from the physical and is “stuck” on earth in the spiritual, they may have not have processed their lessons sufficiently enough to be mathematically balanced to proceed  to the light.  Of course, there are a multitude of other reasons why they are stuck here.
     In this lesson, the Ancient is speaking of looking at the circumference of a mountain and, using a simple mathematical formula, is able to calculate the angle in which we are viewing that mountain.  All understanding can be mathematically calculated to determine the true understanding that one has of a given thought.  “He” goes on to say that to have true understanding (positive behavior), we must passionately explore the complexities of what makes the very essence of any “thing,” again tying in the mathematics by dividing this thing by the density of the ionic field (charged atoms) in which it occupies.
     The result of “bad” behavior creates a negative pressure that appearently is causing the deterioration of a protective layer, or belt, around Earth, which helps deflect incoming matter.  The Ancient adds that people are hedging their bets on obnoxious behavior, based on their own lack of understanding.  But the obnoxious behavior really challenges no one.  The bad behavior is born out of not understanding and they are hedging their bets by acting out, deflecting the fact that they don’t understand.  Don’t be perplexed by their irrelevant behavior, it directly correlates to their (lack of) understanding the situation.  Another lesson explained how our explosive behavior, as well as loud noise, creates more negative ions in the field, tipping the ionic field balance to the negative.  Does the totality of noise and negative behavior change the balance of the negative, positive and neutral ions in the ionosphere, changing  the electromagnetic field that protects the earth from incoming matter?  It is certainly a question for science.
     The natural inclination toward understanding truth involves a complete evaluation of the whole, including our dedication to completely understanding vibrations and being able raise the inner communication to a higher Source entity to help us understand further.  Within the minds’ realm, we have the ability to understand anything at a depth far greater than what we can actually see.  This understanding can actually give you the object, where just viewing the object may be incorrect if we are not perceiving it correctly.  Even hypnosis, which we had used to teach Kent how to meditate, can be too shallow for understanding if there is not a spiritual teacher available to support a teaching field.  Just using hypnosis to tap into the neuronet, or universal conscious network, is not enough to achieve the depth of understanding needed, we must have a teacher to further clarify the understanding for us.  The communication between teacher and student is achieved much like our own nervous system works, where messages are transported from one nerve to the next.
     Returning to the application of math, the mentor shows how we can calculate the true understanding one has of a given topic, based on the perceived complexity of the subject and the fraction of understanding that we currently have.  Even square roots can be used to calculate density of thought, which reflects the quantity of densely packed thoughts we have on the subject, or the amount of information we have stored in our brains.
     The Ancient finishes with a study assignment, which asks us to understand the difference between two terms: protrusion and angulation.  This has been a hard one to wrap our minds around.  We have been told before in a previous meditation, “You are protruding the energy field with your questions.”  So, we are putting our questions out into the energy field.  Angulation is the various angles in which we can view a topic or event.  It is called angular learning.  If the topic is written inside a circle, visualize looking at that topic from all angles as we travel various stations around the circle, each station giving a different angle in which to view the topic.  The more angles we can see from, the closer we are to being able to see from all sides, viewing from 360-degrees, which would be complete understanding.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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