Offspring Learn Balance From a Man And a Woman

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 8
     According to the Ancients, humanity today is missing information vital to understanding why identifying with our sexual anatomy is not such a bad thing.  Although humanity understands basic concepts of polarity, we have not reached the depth of understanding the complex behavior relating to the human anatomy when it comes to polarity and balance.
     As we mentioned in our last blog and YouTube, all things must have polarities to create balance.  We have to know what is like to be sick as well as to know what it is like to be well.  We have to understand both sadness and happiness.   We have to experience pain and sorrow and also a state of well-being.  All this creates balance in understanding.  We cannot know one side without the knowledge to know the other.  This is also the reason for karma: the experiencing of both sides must be to provide balance in our learning.  There is one sliding scale that forms a line between one polarity and the other.  Everything falls on that single line within the sliding scale.
     “God does not speak of sexual acts as being good or bad, only to have a positive and negative to balance.”  This does not include sexual acts in violation of other people, including children, as there is no balance in such atrocious acts.  It does not include sexual acts in violation of animals, as this is not balanced either.
     “They made a man and woman so offspring could learn love from the woman and hardness from the man…The female has become strong, the male has become weak…The female was to teach love, integrity, whispered softness, non-egotistical behavior, emancipation of hardness.  The male: Connective tissue to hardness, survival, suppression of egotistical disorientation, direction, formation of oneness, aligned to ancient messages.  All this has changed.”
     The female is the positive pole, the male is the negative pole.  The male also creates the vibrational vortex that binds the two polarities.  All this provides balance in understanding.  We are supposed to be vibrationally in tune with our anatomy, it is a part of the physical life that we have come here to experience for learning purposes.  The DNA was structurally designed for this purpose.
     The polarities between a man and a woman also include the reaction and opposite reaction associated with the opposites that bring balance and vibrational attunement from a more complete understanding.  Both sexes were designed to create opposite, yet complimentary, attributes to create balance in our experiential learning field.  How often does one, traditionally the female, buffer the bold reaction of the other, traditionally the male, subconsciously seeking balance?
     We receive and translate the messages given to us from our spiritual mentors.  We have many wonderful people in our lives from the gay community who we absolutely love and make no judgement as to their choices.  Therefore, we present this lesson from a neutral point of view.  Within today’s climate on this subject, an open heart and a respect for each soul and what they believe with a goal of cooperation will bring peace between opposing views on this subject.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!



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