Neutrality is key to seeing the truth!

     In this period of transformation, all entities of a particular value are used to effect a specific outcome. On May 27th, we posted a new message on our Facebook site that unity is now the theme: an energy coming in on a wind delivering the mathematical instructions for this change. Just prior to the meeting of Presidents Trump and Kim Jung-Un, we were told that an “Actuarian” (one who incites or moves into action) was acting as a catalyst to move the energy  of this meeting into a “uniting of the clan.”  This is not to say that all will go smoothly or that we will soon have a utopian society.  Rather, it is often referred to by our Mentors as “following a serrated edge,” the ups and downs of sequential events that ultimately lead to the final resting spot for the desired understanding.  All are steps in a process.   Each event proceeds to the next and step two does not come before step one. The labeling of “good” or “bad” is our subjective call, usually relative to our level of comfort and what we are willing to accept.  In reality, it is all about the learning.  If you want to change your paradigm, you need to understand the lesson…fully.
     To be able to see what is really going on, it is of utmost importance to remain neutral: to be able to see all sides of an event without a preconceived idea of what that event means. The spiritual aspect of what is really going on is much different than what we think is happening. Our success in our own transformation depends on how malleable we are to change, our ability to internalize the lessons from all events going on around us now and our ability to remain neutral in our search for truth. Any resistance we give to the natural flow of events only impedes the process. Open your mind, learn, grow, shift!

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