Love and Universal Understanding

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 5
     Within the universe, even love has a more expansive meaning.  Man views love as heart-based, emotional and conditional.  Human love has different aspects, such as a love between two people, the love of a parent or the love for a parent, measured in how that love makes us feel.  Perhaps, one feels love for nature or an animal.  Love is the way I feel in relation to something or someone else and is dependent on the integrity of those relationships.  And if that relationship is not good, love can be revoked.  The human definition of love relates more to emotional affection than it does to universal love.  We procrastinate in our search for the true meaning of love by continuing to justify the human definition to ourselves to satisfy our own desires.  Love goes beyond our past concepts; the true meaning of love can only be understood within universal concepts.
     This lesson covers many aspects of universal love, the love beyond ourselves, the love shared between a larger network of communicating entities.  It is becoming one with the being alliance solely for the good of the universe and all of its’ beings in the promotion of universal understanding and peace.  It is a gift of God, our Father, so that we may grow in our understanding and awe of the Creation he has created for us to explore.
     This is a non-emotional, irrevocable and unconditional love for all that exists and all that communicates a higher, more expansive understanding.  This love is not tied to emotion and, therefore, is the reason why it is non-revocable.  It has no boundaries, does not conform with obnoxious behavior and promotes peace.
     We are being urged to turn within to analyze our own perception of love, consciously separating ourselves from the current human definition of love and begin the practice of viewing love from a universal lens.  The value of love extends far beyond our individual selves.
     The current definition is misused by all of humanity, with the exception of just a small group of humans.  Gandhi, as well as some masters, understood the true definition of universal love, and so may serve us as good examples.  It is a holistic view of a being alliance, the higher conscious collective beyond the realm of our human nature.  It involves the separation of ourselves from our surroundings to understand the true value of love, the love beyond our wants, desires and even needs.  For we have nothing except what is within and the only thing that surrounds us is the understanding of God’s Creation.  This profound understanding of love is not achievable for those who want outside of self, those who are distracted with the material world.
     The belief that “All you have to do is love” does not work if peace does not exist.  Peace within one’s heart and soul has relevance to the human race.  Achieving peace is a consequence of self-worth, in that it comes from an open heart and a respect for each soul with a goal of cooperation with others.  It is then that love comes automatic.  Peace is the justification, love is the verification.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance, and read the section in the chapter that corresponds to this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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