Layered Vibrational Changes

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 7
     Many people understand that the earth is shifting upward in vibration.  This is to create the vibrational atmosphere for our own development, as everything must be a vibrational match.  Vibration relates to our thoughts, which directly correlates to our levels of understanding.  We can only incarnate into an experiential learning field in which offers the lessons at our current level of understanding and vibration.  Everything and every soul is being moved upward in vibration, throughout the universes.  Our depth of study is going to become more intensive.  As of April of 2013, when we received this lesson, we were going through the fourth stage of vibrational change, but that the changes were not receptive to the nature of that moment: it was difficult for us to receive the change at that time.
     The changes we are going through are quite massive.  They are stages in a process.  Not only is the earth vibration changing, but incoming waves of energy is changing our DNA.  Our DNA is dialed in specifically to Earth’s vibrational structure.  In 2015, scientists acknowledged that a stream of cosmic rays were headed for Earth from our galactic center.  In our research, we discovered this is most likely the remnants of a supernova, which we were previously informed of by our guides.  The particle stream from the supernova collides with other atmospheric particles, breaking the particle structure apart within the stream.  The resulting subatomic particles include protons and neutrons released from the atomic nucleus and gamma rays, among other particles.  As these subatomic particles approach Earth, the particles are collected in our stratosphere.
     Working in conjunction with our solar minimum, where a decrease in the suns activity leaves our electromagnetic field weakened, any solar wind event can whip the electromagnetic field about, creating cracks that allow the stored gamma rays, neutrons and protons to shower down upon Earth and its inhabitants.  This radiation, as well as a change in the atmospheric gases, affect all DNA:  too much radiation is damaging to DNA, while a little exposure at a time, we are told by our guides, creates various genetic outcomes for the human race, which is “becoming a gamma species” causing a “cross-over of the conscious being.”  It is important to limit our time outdoors during solar events, which increase our radiation exposure.  The sun’s activity and proton count can be monitored at  The proton count directly correlates to the level of neutrons, so when the proton count goes up, so does the neutron count.
     We are tied to this sphere by our own choice: we chose Earth as our learning sphere among the planets available that correspond to our level of understanding at this point in our spiritual evolution.  The corrections within layers of vibrational changes are occurring throughout creation, no matter where we choose to be assigned.  The lesson says our experiences directly correlate to our life pole.  The life pole is the point of concentrated studies within this life time, the things we chose to experience.  It also relates to the directional spin of the molecular particles of our DNA, which determines the bends and length of the DNA itself.  The DNA can be stretched to allow the placement of protein markers along the helix to “turn on” specific genetic attributes in order to receive vibrational waves from within the planets core movement.  Metaphorically, it is a vibrational song designed to interact with all living matter within that planet, attuning all living matter to various degrees of dedication to acquiring the understanding available on that sphere.  It is interesting that all DNA on Earth, plants, animal and human, spin in only one direction.
     When will these vibrational changes be complete?  Not in this life time.  The seven changes are only the first step.  Seven of seven changes bring completeness in our understanding for this sphere.  The number seven represents the completeness of understanding available.  Our study of the vibrational changes here generates steps in a process to a deeper understanding of the whole, as we are only kindergartners within the universal knowledge.  Opening our minds to contemplate all information gives us the direction to the levels of vibrational understanding that we want to attain.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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