A Study in Renaissance

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Divine intervention is introducing a new and higher vibration to Earth, designed to correct human perception through a higher conceptual thinking process to mirror other universal beings.  This period of transformation brings chaos, inflaming polarities and ideologies among people.  Massive Earth changes occur as the earth seeks to rebalance.
All changes begin from outside Earth, correcting all fields, changing the atmosphere, and pushing humanity to an expanded understanding and a higher genetic expression.  The change is essential to the preservation of Earth and all life.  A Study in Renaissance is an enlightenment tool that:
  • Expands our understanding of the divine hierarchy.
  • Defines the purpose of creation and all beings.
  • Bridges the worlds of math, science, spirituality, and astronomy.
  • Explains the higher self, karma, chakras, dimensions, and vibration.
  • Defines the Light, Oneness, and universal consciousness.
  • Explains the neuronet and Source: universal communication systems.
  • Introduces Universal Laws and Concepts.
  • Describes universal structures that support expanding consciousness.
  • Defines the transformation humanity is going through.
  • Shines Light onto human fallacies and false searches.
  • Corrects mankind’s thoughts, aligning to a universal truth.
  • Introduces a higher vibrational learning field: our quantum leap.
The lessons are presented in their original dictation while Kent Miller is in a deep trance.  New to this second edition, Kent and wife, Renee, have extended the glossary and expanded on their interpretations, connecting the dots to assist the reader in deciphering the messages.