The Augmentation of Man books

      The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance and The Acquiescence of Humanity, were dictated by ancient teachers of the Creator, the Ancients, and spiritual professors of higher understanding.   As we come to completion of our perceptual learning cycle, these lessons open the door to the next cycle: that of conceptual learning.  Conceptual understanding is the ability to gather data and “connect the dots” between all aspects of the information available to see a broader perspective.  It is the ability to understand how science, math, spirituality and astronomy all really do support each other under God’s plan for our ever-expanding conscious evolution.
      The messages are dictated in such a way that requires the contemplation and deciphering of a message that may contain new words or uncommon definitions. Layers of understanding are embedded in the lessons, not to be realized all at once, rather through the assimilation of understanding a little at a time.  This allows for thoughtful contemplation as we build a solid foundation of understanding.  An epiphany descends upon the reader when the entirety of the message is finally understood, producing a vibrational attunement to a new and profound understanding.  This is the object of leaving the lessons in their original dictated form, allowing the reader the ability to go to deeper levels of understanding than if the dictation were to be translated.
     Kent and Renee have expanded the glossaries and their translations in The Acquiescence of Humanity and the second edition of A Study in Renaissance, speeding the learning process.  The glossary contains not only the definitions of new words, but also uncommon definitions of commonly used words.  Many of the new words contain Greek or Latin root words, the combined roots form a new definition that fits exactly into the context of the sentence.  Other words come from a larger universal lexicon.  Keep in mind that English is not the primary language that these beings use and that their thinking process operates at a much higher level, so their communication will be different than our own.  Do not get hung up on proper grammar, which will only box in your understanding.  It takes some getting used to, but in time, and with practice, it does come easier.  Persistence produces the desired results.  It is important to understand that this is the new direction for humanity in the next learning cycle. 
      Be prepared for an awesome new understanding!  We are all one, working individually and collectively, to understand the entirety of creation, one step at a time.  May the light shine upon your path to reveal who you are and where you are going.  Peace be with you on your journey to enlightenment!