Giving Accomplishment To Who You Should Be

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 5
     Molding ourselves into another’s description of what qualities are desirable in a person does not give accomplishment to who we should be.  That is because we would not be listening to our inner guidance nor following the path we had originally designed for this life time. Following another’s convictions creates a pattern of confusion within about who we really are, where, through our misunderstanding, we obligate our path to their vision and not our own.  Renovating our understanding of our own true character is simple: listen to what is felt from within and align to our true nature.  This helps reset our path to our real purpose for being here.
     Contemplate for a moment who you think you are, based on someone else’s interpretation.  Then tune into who you really are, what you feel at your core.   This enables one to arrive at an understanding of Self that aligns to a greater truth, shedding light on the false perception.  The deception of self-worth and what we have “attained” only leads down a non-productive path and does not produce the required understanding of who we really are at the soul level and why we are here.
     What is your worth?  Is your illusion of worth based on a standard set forth by others?  Contemplation of hypothetical situations will lead you to your own conclusions.  Don’t allow others to participate in this task, which will only lead to false deductions and confusion.  Let it arise from within yourself to give you the true path through self-analysis that leads to a far greater understanding of yourself.
     A perceptive value of truth is based on the level of understanding.  Greater understanding is gained from hard work.  It is important to understand where your conscious level lies within the universal network of understanding.  This helps give direction.  Our reality is the perception of truth that aligns to who we are and how it makes us feel.  But it must also correlate to the rational thought and our own understanding.
     Our Self-worth lies in how we can be used to the betterment of mankind, not in the egoic worth of what we have or what we have attained.  The real Self-worth produces a self-assurance that is aligned to Universal Laws and Concepts relating to the whole.  The Self-worth must correlate to the real reason why we are here on this Earth plane: the continued expansion of our own consciousness.
      We must continually progress to greater levels of understanding, not to get stuck without new growth.  Aligning to who we really are and what we have to offer humanity will give us the correct path!
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!



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