Frustration is a Part of the Learning

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 5
     A hostile environment exists between truth and perception.  Especially in these times.  But truth can become a cause for us, leading us to discover a more exact truth of past events and providing one the ability to study future events that correlates to why we are here.  It is all about expanding our understanding.  Every event provides an opportunity to grow in our understanding, yet we are consistently entangled in the world of perception.  Instead of following our own path, we align ourselves to another’s definition of attainment, as they see outside themselves.  This creates a chain of misperceptions in our society.  It is a superficial understanding when compared to each person going within to discover their own, more profound, truth.
     The search for truth is a lonely field of self-exploration, but makes us a master of learning.  The path to the truth of all things soon becomes the narcotic that leads us to finding our higher self within all the universal pathways available to us.  It is the correct path for the enlightenment of all people.  Leaving the superficial world of perception behind, truth secures and sustains our being as our path unfolds to greater and greater levels of understanding, while increasing our worth within the whole of universal consciousness.
     Remember, everything has vibration, even our thoughts.  A vibrational wave form can be plotted out on graphing paper, coordinates are given and a mathematical equation can then be created.  Truth provides a vibration that equates to a waveform that is mathematically correct.  MIsperception creates the opposite effect.  As we explore the truth, we are correcting our thoughts and our vibration, creating our own mathematical balance.  This increases the stability, scientifically speaking, of not only our world, but that of our galaxy and universe, as the totality of the vibration coming off Earth extends out, like ripples in a pond, well into the universe.  Of all the misperceptions that exist, what are we projecting out into the universe?  We have to change the way we do things here on Earth.  We have to steer away from the perceptual world, pushing ourselves to dig deeper, while maintaining a state of neutrality in order to see the bigger picture.  This is an individual project.
     Be careful of false searches for artificial knowledge and needs, which causes one to go down the rabbit hole, creating redundant behavior as we pursue understanding of a lower level, which defeats our purpose for being here.  In our search, we must ask ourselves, “Does this information impart a new and profound understanding that makes sense?”  The spiritual truths should correlate with the scientific truths and Universal Laws and Concepts.  If the value of work is not there, the path becomes long and arduous in our self-discovery and self-realization.  Remember that frustration is a part of the learning process that creates the path to a valuable understanding, raising one’s vibration and adding to the whole of universal consciousness.  This is where our true self-worth is.  Others cannot help us with this.  This is an inner and solitary journey for all.
     Now is the time for correction.  We must first start by ostracizing our perceptions of truth, casting aside all past beliefs that make up the inexistent truths around us.  Bring back the child-like curiosity of the past; it will take some work.  Decipher all guidance to create balance.  Look back on major events of your life, which provide the sign-posts to where you are going, your true path, not that dictated by another.  Unravel your own puzzle to find your true purpose for being here, aligned to the purpose of creation.  Guidance from intuitives can be helpful to finding the beginning of your path, but not to tell you what your path is.  This is for each and every one’s own self-discovery.  The Self-awareness is derived from coming in line with the eternalness of the soul and all past learning.  Be patient in your virtuous search for truth.  Enlightenment comes at a price, through the aspiration of wanting to understand more completely and following up on it.  A valuable correction to our path is served by the analysis of 1) belief systems that do not conceptually agree with each other, and, 2) artificial tasking; the things we do that do not produce a deeper understanding.  Looking at why we become frustrated with another’s understandings, placating others, and following other people who do not have a productive understanding themselves can help us see the non-productive path and results in a deeper truth aligned to who we really are and where we are going.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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