False Searches

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 1
    The ability to find truth lies in our ability to go within to find the real answers.  The search for truth becomes addictive as we find our place within the universe of understanding, a complicated forum.
     The chase for artificial knowledge outside of this inner work is counter-productive, resulting in the repetitive search for false information of a lower level, defeating our real purpose.  The false search is fun to hear and do, but the real pay-off is through the work put forth in finding the real answers.  False searches cause the path to self-realization to become long and arduous.
     To follow one’s gut feeling and inner guidance will produce the shortest path.  Remember that frustration is a part of the learning process, but tenaciousness produces the desired result.
     Our self-worth will not be found in someone else’s interpretation.  We must start by wiping our hard drive clean to make way for a new program, one that is efficient and useful.  Bring back the inquisitiveness that you once had as a child, before your hard drive was loaded up with inefficient, illogical programs.  The pivotal events of one’s past serve to point the way to one’s future.  It is a part of the journey of self-exploration that will lead us to discover who we really are.
     This self-exploration takes a lot of work, work that most others do not want to do.  They rely on others for their information, which serves only to propagate the untruths.  Be careful of that which others promote as the goal, which may be just a stepping stone.
     For example, the Akashi record is a record of what are and what were, in limited form.  It is not a universal record, rather one book in a volume of many records.  Each universal culture has their own record, whether present or past, that they may share, if they want to.  It is not for us to explore others’ records without first understanding our own. 
     The high road involves leaving the material values of the past and seeking others with higher understanding who recognize when we are ready to really learn.  Our self worth is not found in the material world, as it is only a temporary field.  Accumulation of material wealth is not of the higher path.  Our worth lies in our understanding; the setting aside of the ego and allowing the higher ones to show us the greater understanding of All That Is.  Understanding brings unity and a collaboration with higher beings to teach and be taught.  The lower beings bring flowery words without a deeper understanding and distract us with the material world.
     These false searches bend the truth, causing variations in our own perception.  Truth produces a seamless and smooth vibration.  Misperception creates inner turmoil.
     The transformation involves the realignment to truth.  How open or closed we are to accept the truth has the ability to affect our health; positively or negatively.  It is imperative that we start to align to a universal truth, bringing us to a greater understanding that will ensure not only the survival of this Earth, but the survival of the human race.  We are now being prompted by incoming energies to shed our human perceptions and align to the universal truth.
     Remember, channeling is to enter the realm of the veil, where we can be guided to that higher understanding.  It involves the responsibility of being used as an agent for change to a greater understanding.  It is not intended to be a form of entertainment.
     The transformation will be stressful to all.  Our misperceptions are being magnified and reflected back to us to see it for what it is.  To be polarized only interferes with the process.  Now is time to unify in a new consciousness of a higher vibration, bringing a new level of understanding to humanity.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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