Energy is Circuitous

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 3
     This question was prompted by our observation of some people trying to make something happen in spite of all the roadblocks put in their path.  The question: How can people use the energy flow to allow events to unfold serendipitously?  In other words, how can we recognize an energy flow and move with it, allowing our path to unfold with ease?
     A parallel was drawn between the magma flow and the flow of energy: both take the path of least resistance.  So it will take much more energy on our behalf to force an outcome if there are a lot of roadblocks, or resistance, in our path.  Consider timing: Does changing the timing allow a clearer pathway with less obstacles?
     This lesson includes what goes around, comes around:  What we put out there energetically is what we get back, in the form of a lesson.  Our thoughts and beliefs dictate the amount of energy we release, which is directly proportional to an opening from within our higher self, dictating our learning path.  The energy travels in a circuit: it travels around in a path of least resistance, in a circular-kind of pattern and eventually comes back to its place of origin.
     It is really not about manifesting material things, it is all about our spiritual growth in understanding.  We have been told numerous times, “It’s not what you want, it’s what you need,” which not only correlates with the learning, but also with our preserving the earth.  Our consumption of food, water and material goods all comes from the earth.  The more we consume, the more we take from her.  The more we buy, the more we put in her.  The more we change organic to inorganic, the more we alter the environment, the more we poison ourselves.  It’s circuitous.  Then we have the lessons to reflect upon from the past decisions we have made.
     The energy we release is in direct proportion to what we understand, our beliefs and our thoughts.  The thoughts create emotions, which we project out as a vibration.  Density of thought directly correlates with how much we understand.  The more we understand, the more information we have “densely” compacted into our thoughts.  Less dense thoughts have less information to support the thought process.  The density of our thoughts is tied to our emotions and tied to the vibration we put out.  Less understanding, less dense thoughts, create more emotional response, which creates more reactions that create more events and more opportunities for learning.  We don’t always take advantage of the opportunity through introspection, so the lesson may be lost.  As we grow in understanding, we react less emotionally, controlling our output and allowing for a smoother pathway.
     The decisions we make are based on our thoughts and our level of understanding.  The energy released is what we choose to do as the result of our decisions, what we put into motion as the result of our thoughts.
     It goes something like this: a friend invites you to meet her for lunch at 1:00 pm at a specific restaurant, to which you agree.  You have an extra half hour to kill in your morning and decide to do a little shopping for your birthday.  Before you know it, you have an armful of items and you have spent 40 minutes already and still have to wait in line to pay for your items.  You call your friend to move the lunch date to 1:30.  When you get to the restaurant, you discover it wasn’t just your one friend, but a whole group of friends who have assembled to have a surprise luncheon for you for your birthday on their lunch hour.  But now they have run out of time and must return to work.  You are frustrated and upset because you didn’t get to enjoy the “party.”
     Now you must contemplate your decision-making.  What did you learn?  This is just a simple example of what we do every day in our decision-making, based on the information we have and our current level of understanding.  We don’t always like the results, but it is meant to cause us to pause to reflect on our decisions, to learn from them and grow from them in our understanding.  How many times have we said, “I’ll never do that again!”  It’s because we learned something, had a vibrational attunement to that understanding and never have to (or want to) repeat it again.
     The energy we release (the decisions we make) cannot be stopped by another, only by the person who releases it.  Many of the decisions we make are governed by the higher self, as it scripts our movements for higher understanding.  We receive the signal from the higher self and then we decide if we want to follow the inner guidance or the self-serving path.  The higher self knows what the ultimate goal of who the real you wants to be: a wiser, more intelligent being.  Either decision results in a lesson.  It is the results that we like or don’t like and label as good or bad.  The real question is did we learn?  Or do we continue on the same path, only to repeat the lesson until it is finally learned?  When we open the parameters for how we look at the events in our lives,  moving away from narrow-mindedness and viewing the events from all sides, we balance the way in which we view the lesson and balance our thoughts, gaining a higher level of understanding, and creating a more perfect cause.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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