Dimensions: A Learning Tool

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 4
     We are stepping away from the book a little bit to slow down with this topic and cover the basics.  We believe dimensions will be easier to understand when we have something to visualize and when we have something to discuss that applies to real life.  Mankind is just beginning to learn about dimensions and it has not yet been determined how many there are for Earth.  We have been told “there are a quantum of dimensions” for each universe, which is simply saying there are many.  It is important to note that Kent and Renee are still working through these lessons also and that learning and gaining ever-deepening levels of understanding is an on-going process, not only in this subject, but all subjects for humanity.  There is always more to the story.
     We are going to discuss 1) dimensions attached to the universes and 2) the openings to dimensional spheres, which we create.  Each universe has many, many dimensions, each dimension providing a specific focus of learning.  We will start with a focus on  the first four dimensions, because that will be the easiest to understand and will form the foundation of understanding the other dimensions.
     The first three dimensions have to do with space: the height, the width and the depth of any given space.  The three dimensional world involves the exploration and evaluation of our physical presence, evaluating the events occurring in that three-dimensional space.
     The fourth dimension is of time, but not in the way that we perceive time.  Universal understanding of time is the movement of energy from one event to the next created event.   An event is anything that happens.  It ranges from an epiphany to any world event.  It takes energy to make anything happen.  Time is also the perceived pause between events.  So if there is a long pause between events in your life, “time” seems to move slowly.  If there is a rapid succession of events, the pause becomes shorter and “time” seems to move quickly.
     If I am standing on this side of the street and wish to be on the other side of the street, the time taken to get across the street is the energy it takes for me to move my body from point A to point B and the pause between when I am standing on side A and when I am standing on side B.  It is not really associated with a watch because the calendar and the clock are only related to the spin of the earth and its rotation around our sun.  What happens when you move to another planet that has a different spin and rotation?  Our measurement of time would not apply.  Therefore, the human definition of time is only specific to Earth and does not apply to the universe.
     We are spiritual beings in a physical existence in a discovery of all that occupies the space around us.  The fourth dimension of time expands our understanding of the first three dimensions.  So as we use our energy to move and understand the space around us, the parameters of our space expands.   A newborn baby only has awareness of its immediate surroundings.  As the baby begins to become mobile, its exploration and awareness begins to expand.  Our astronauts have the unique opportunity to learn about outer space, which is an expanded learning field.   This expanding exploration of our physical world, the three dimensions, continues throughout each lifetime.
     Within this three-dimensional space we are learning about many, many things: relationships, cause and effect, energy pathways, physics, math,  etc.  We may not be completely cognizant of all the areas of learning we are engaging in.  Within this time-space continuum, we are presented with quantum pathways for further learning.  These are the choices that we have available to us.  Each choice we make leads us down a particular path that ends in an event.  After an event in our lives, we usually pause to reflect.  Not everyone engages in reflection, possibly due to self-judgment, missing the most important part of the lesson.  It is at this point that we determine whether or not we like the decision we made and we contemplate how we would do it differently.  Once the lesson is learned, we understand it, receive the vibrational attunement to that understanding, then change our behavior by changing our choices and exploring new pathways to contemplate.
     In this physical learning field, we are also learning about who we are through our choices, our interactions within the field, including people interactions, and our reflection on the choices we have made and the resulting events.  We are reflecting upon and defining who we are and where we are, as a point of reference to where we are going.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!



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