Dimensional Concepts Will Be The Prevalence

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 1
     Let’s begin where we left off.  We are beginning the next learning cycle; that of Universal Laws and Concepts with a focus on dimensional concepts.  We are not moving into the 5th dimension physically yet.  We are going to start learning about it first.  The 5th dimension, in part, is about higher information and technology.
     Dimensions include our 3-dimensional world of height, width and depth, plus the added dimensions of specific areas of learning.  We are completing the 4th dimensional classroom associated with time and our physical separation from who we are in all of time-our spiritual self.
     This past learning cycle has also been about perception.  Through our chaotic destruction of our perceptions, we are to realize that we are all smaller parts of a larger mass consciousness.  Gone will be the days of characterizing each other by our physical existence.  We are going to learn how the universe differentiates beings: by where they are on their learning path.  It’s kind of like a first grader is learning to read.  We are perceptual beings completing a cycle of perceptual understanding.  The new cycle ushers in conceptual learning as conceptual beings.
     Dimensional beings are beyond our awareness and move about a dimensional learning field of light that is beyond the material world; light being the information and the understanding and not visual light.  It is a subatomic visionary field with an attachment to the higher consciousness within an information highway called the neuronet.  The Fifth Law of Dimensional Being is a highly intelligent field of learning with access to Creative intelligence.
     The focus of consequential beings is the study of all laws that pertain to a particular event; the laws that create the consequences for an event.
     It is time for the human race to let go of old ways of thinking and move into the New Age of learning that does not involve the feeling of accomplishment associated with the ego.  Bye-bye to bragging rights!
     The path of change involves a repetitive release of information from Creator in all directions upon the neuronet, which is like the world wide web of the universe.
     As we destroy our perceptions, we must begin to align to the new information coming to us, bringing humanity to see the truth as the universe sees it.  The sequence of events before us present humanity with many paths of learning.  How well we understand the various angles of an event and the cause and effect is magnified by the mass consciousness and determines the next event in the sequence designed to bring us to a certain level of greater understanding.
     It is time that we come to realize, globally, that we are all a part of a greater system.  It is no longer about us as individuals, it is now how we fit into the universal whole and it is how we contribute individually and collectively to the expanding consciousness of the greater whole.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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