The Creator

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 2
     When we contemplate the spirit realm, we often think of angels, archangels, some of the masters, and God, our Creator.  And don’t forget that nefarious being that fell from God’s graces.  But our mentors have told us there is much more, that innumerable life forms exist, both physical and non-physical.  This chapter touches on a small part of the hierarchy.  Don’t get trapped into thinking this is all there is.  Many of the questions asked were based in our exposure to new words and ideas that we were being exposed to as we entered this new world of thinking.  Other questions came from new terminology that our guides had introduced.
     What is not mentioned in the book is one of Kent’s first visions, in which he is asked to sit in front of seven white doors. The center door opens to reveal an enormous energy field. He describes it as like looking at the “snow” on the television when you don’t have a channel dialed in, but billions and billions of times greater. A voice repeats over and over, “Great, Great, Great.” Kent understood that this expansive field of energy was that of the Creator, something so big that he could not touch it. What we have come to understand since is that, at the human level, we are at just the beginning of understanding and we are not able to handle the intensity of the knowledge of the Creator, nor the energy stream of that information. So it must go through a set of sub-stations to diffuse it to our level. Those sub-stations, like our own energy grid, are represented by the various entities that make the understanding simpler for us, while diffusing the informational energy to a level that our bodies can handle.  We start with Kent’s visions, then Creator speaks through our mentor, an Ancient, trying to explain the order of the spiritual world.
     The next vision is showing us that the Creator is all energy.  The energy never dissipates.  Energy only changes form.  Kent opens the lesson by asking how much energy does the Creator have?  A new vision compares the energy of our sun to the head of a pin and the relative energy of Creator to that of the size of Texas.  So if we were to drop a pin in the state of Texas, the head of that pin would be our sun and Texas would be the Creator, relatively.  How many trillions of pin heads would it take to cover Texas?  You would have to multiply our sun by the same number to equal the energy of Creator.
     The center of creation is where our energetic and spiritual Creator exists at its purest form.  Creator comprises the vibrations of All That Is.  Level of vibration is equal to level of understanding.  So Creator understands All That Is.  All That Is is the cumulative total of all vibration relating to multiples of energy as it increases in value, meeting its various goals of understanding, dictated by Creator.  The “Q” is the quantum of all understanding, which is Creator, or God.  So if we were to look at this like a simple math equation, it might look like this:  All energy=all vibration=all understanding=All That Is=Q =Creator/God.  This is why humans cannot access God directly: the energy, the vibration and the knowledge is far to great for our minds and our physical and spiritual bodies to able to assimilate; it would just be overload.  That is why we need all the other beings: to help us grow in understanding, to grow in vibration, to grow in our own energy.  We are a part of All That Is, a part of everything that exists in all of creation, multiplying in energy as we grow to understand and raise our own vibration in the process.
     The Creator creates with the help of Light Beings.  But Creator also created the Light Beings, and the masters, the angels, the Ancients…everything.  Nothing supersedes Creator.  Without Creator there would be nothing.  Be careful in putting a hierarchal order to any of this.  Our understanding is small and we need to learn more  about all that exists in order to assign any placement.  It is for this reason that the Creator has no need to experience through us; the informational energy is coming from Creator to us and it does not go in the opposite direction.  All of creation was created to support the expansion of understanding all of creation.  Therefore, creation is a conscious, teaching energy field that responds to the information releases given by Creator.  It starts from a high energy Source (the communication tool of the Creator) and is diffused down through energetic levels, from higher to lower, through beings of higher energy and understanding to beings of lower energy and understanding, in an effort to raise all of creation in energy and understanding, steps at a time.
     “Remember, all the angels work for God.”  While we show our respect to those who have a greater energy field and a more expansive level of knowledge and understanding relative to our own, we are being told that the focus should always be on God, our Creator.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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