Concepts are the Reason for Universal Laws

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 6
     In our last blog, we discussed the Laws of Universal Connectiveness:  All related matter is interconnected and forms an electrical and magnetic flux into itself.  Is that not what we see with the earths electromagnetic field?  The area of most compressed gases creates a dense sphere of matter that comprises the planet.  The carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, etc. in our atmosphere are also found in the earth.  The atmospheric gases determine how life forms will be expressed on Earth.  The carbon, oxygen and nitrogen are also found in our physical bodies and determines how they work.  Change the gaseous atmosphere and you change the makeup and behavior of all life form expression on that planet.  The charged gaseous atoms of the atmosphere also form strings that make up the plasma cords on which communication travels throughout the universes.  It works much like the nervous system of our own bodies.  This communication system enables the more advanced beings to communicate concepts of understanding to beings with less understanding.  This teacher-student relationship enables the expansion of universal consciousness.  The concepts of understanding are the reason for the laws.  The laws form the parameters that ensure the continued expansion of universal consciousness by way of conceptual learning.  Conceptual learning ties it all together: it explains how everything is connected.
     Each atom that makes up the gaseous and physical world has its unique vibrational signature.  The planets have their own vibrational signature.  The planets within a galactic neighborhood interact vibrationally with each other, forming a variable vibrational field.  These vibrational planetary dances affect us and our own interactions with the earth and each other, creating event opportunities for our learning purposes.  As the planets move in their orbits, the vibrational interactions change, allowing a change in the learning field for new consciousness to evolve.  The star systems will rearrange.  The vibrational fields will change to reflect this new alignment, ushering in a new cycle of conceptual learning for humans and transcending the variances of all connected fields.  Dimensional concepts and the Fifth Law of Dimensional Being will be the prevalent learning.  The Fifth Law of Dimensional Being is the law of Light that perpetuates circumstances.  It is a highly creative intelligence, the highest conceptual beings who are moving into the realm of contractual beings of understanding complicated concepts.  It is a field in which there are only laws of conceptual understanding without any other laws or parameters, but, yet, has complete organization.
     The truth that lies on the horizon has been coordinated by other universal beings, facilitating our movement away from our misperceptions toward a universal truth, unfolding in the ever-present events of the now.  The strength in expanding universal consciousness is with the pairing of the teachers and students, propelling of those of the lesser path (perceptual learning) toward the higher path of conceptual understanding; all under the Law of Free Will.  Guidance from universal beings is ready and available, but only when we are ready and seeking.  The universe nudges us along, but guides cannot interfere without our request.  But, without the Light of understanding, the human race will continue in its myopic and limited understanding.
      The enlightened ones will continue to the other side, beginning the next cycle of a higher learning.  It is the beginning road toward eventual completion of the higher-self.  It is a higher learning on the other side; a survival learning on this side of the Transformation.  The formation of higher consequential beings will energize the vortex, opening the communication of Creational Law for the next cycle.   The beginning of a long road to completion of the higher-self exists on the other side; the days of old will no longer be within grasp.
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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