A Study in Renaissance Chapter Discussion

  Welcome to The Augmentation of Man, with Kent and Renee Miller.  These books contain lessons for our enlightenment.  They were dictated by a group of spiritual entities who call themselves The Ancients.  These are ancient teachers and mentors of the Creator, not ancient humans.  Some of the lessons were also dictated by spiritual professors.  Kent Miller receives the dictation as a telepathic communication while in a deep trance.  The lexicon they use is more complicated than our common language and requires finding the meaning of the Greek and Latin root words used to construct new words.  They also use universal words.  The sentence structure is different than ours.  It is for these reasons that reading The Augmentation of Man may be difficult.  But we are here to help and have done a lot of the work in finding the definitions of these words and translating the message without changing the original message.  This way the reader can see both the original message and Kent and Renee’s translation and make up their own mind as to its’ meaning.
     Our spiritual enlightenment does not involve a quick download of understanding; rather it requires research, contemplation and asking for guidance from our spiritual mentors.  Understanding comes in layers.  The first edition of A Study in Renaissance sought a minimalist approach to helping translate the lessons.  Reader feedback prompted us to expand our interpretations in both The Acquiescence of Humanity and the second edition of A Study in Renaissance to make it easier.  We have received positive feedback on this new approach.  If you have the first edition of A Study in Renaissance, or, if you are looking for more clarification, we provide a number of avenues for you to accomplish this.  First, we offer the chapter discussions below.  The blog on this website goes into more detail.  Visit our YouTube site for videos, or our podcast at anchor.fm for audio that you can listen to on your commute, or while you are involved in other tasks.  Both our YouTube and podcast channels are accessible from the menu above.  Please subscribe to your favorite!

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Chapter 1
A Concourse of Change

  Change is upon us, moving humanity away from the superficial understanding of the last perceptual learning cycle and propelling man forward into a New Age of enlightenment.  The new cycle begins our discovery of universal laws and concepts, marking the start of conceptual learning.  It is the digging deeper into concepts that govern all of creation to a depth of understanding we, as humans, have not known before.  The chaos we are now creating seeks to destroy our perceptions to make way for a deeper truth in order to start this next cycle.  Just observing or reading the news brings verification of this, as new truths are being uncovered in multiplicity on a daily basis and we seek to finally resolve the redundancy of our human issues of the past, including those of race and division. For as the polarization widens, we will then pull together in unification, realizing we are all one.
     All concepts now have to realign to universal truth; the truth as the universe understands it.  Teaching will begin to align to universal understanding.  No longer do we classify beings according to skin color; rather beings are classified as to where they are on their learning path.
     The turmoil from the multiplicity of change will lead us to reach out to Creator in our desperation, yet afford us our reconnection to our higher self, the part of the soul that leads the way in our spiritual evolution.  This opens the door to higher spiritual teaching beings and the realization that we are all connected by a web within a unified field of varying degrees of consciousness.  That web is the structural support for a communication system that enables beings to share information in a continuously expanding consciousness of all of creation.
     We now become aware of our egoistic tendencies, realizing that we have sought recognition in titles, false perceptions of self-worth and have engaged  in superficial spiritual searches.  A new veil is lifted that reveals our true self-worth is only in our ability to be a part of the One through our engagement in expanding consciousness.  As the events unfold, we are humbled to the fact that we are just kindergartners when compared to the universal understanding.
     We will come to understand that all universes, universal structures and entities were created to support the sharing of information in a planned conscious evolution and, in the higher conscious vibration, raising all matter to a higher essence.

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Chapter 2
The Hierarchy

  Humanity’s understanding of the entirety of creation is limited due to our experiences and spiritual teachings of the past.  There is a hierarchy beyond what we can comprehend at this point and the universes are teaming with spiritual beings, intent in purpose to support the structure designed to ensure the ever-expanding consciousness of All That Is.  The propagation of assumptions or fallacies about the spiritual world will now come to pass, replaced by a new understanding of what exists.
     Confusion lies when we try to interface the picture of Michelangelo of a God made in man’s image with the true understanding of our Creator.  The Creator is all energy, all vibration, all-knowing and the totality of all consciousness.  The energy of the Creator is beyond our understanding, giving reason for eastern philosophies to use the term “The Infinite”  to describe the indescribable.  Human terms, such as “God,” are used for our point of reference, but the universe recognizes “Creator.”
     If the energy of our sun was the size of a pin head, the amount of energy of the Creator would be the size of Texas!  With the help of Light Beings, Creator creates new souls and new planetary bodies.  Creator continually releases life force to support all life in all universes.  Creator releases a continuous flow of new information for the evolution of consciousness of All That Is and it is for this reason that all information–spiritual, scientific and otherwise–will also evolve.  We are now facing the correction of past misperceptions and the introduction of new concepts, aligned to universal understanding.
     All That Is has been used in many texts, old and new alike, and is described as the vibrations of All That Is: multiples of vibrational energy, energy multiplying as it reaches its goals of understanding.  Each concept also has a mathematical equivalent.  When the consciousness increases, or multiplies, the energy also multiplies.  Through the big bang, everything that exists is an extension of the original creational energy, therefore, the Creator is All That Is.  We, too, are a very small part of the creational energy, therefore, “God” is within us.  But we should not mistakenly believe that we are the totality of our Creator or that it is not necessary to be humbled by our Creator.  To be humbled, we understand our place and our level of understanding in comparison to the totality of All That Is.
     All matter is made up of molecules which vibrate.  Light and energy also have vibration. Therefore, the Creator is all energy, all light, all matter, all vibration and the totality of all consciousness.  Level of consciousness reflects a degree of vibration.  Humans are at the beginning levels of consciousness and vibration and as we raise our understanding, we raise our vibration.  It is absolutely not necessary for the Creator to experience through us, especially at our level of understanding.  Why would one go back to kindergarten, when they have multiples of Master Degrees?
     Contrary to popular belief, Source is not the Creator (even though it makes sense that the Creator is the source of all life).  Source is the communication system of the Creator; the source of all information releases.  Source is a network of energy streams that higher beings can tap into to access high-level information.  From Source, other smaller tributaries make up the neuronet, another similar network of energy streams for simplified communication and information.  As humans, we do not have the understanding nor the physical ability to tap into the Source.  At our level, we have to access information from the neuronet.
     Source entities are preceptors assigned by Source to deliver an understanding to those who cannot access Source directly.  These entities can access Source directly and simplify the information for those of us who would not otherwise understand it.  It is similar to our electric grid, where the enormous energy released at its point of generation goes through a series of substations and transformers to diffuse the energy down before entering homes and businesses.  Otherwise, that powerful energy would simply fry all the wiring and circuitry.  The difference seen in communicating with Source entities and the neuronet is that Source entities communicate in a sequence of words, similar to our sentences, and the neuronet we access gives a word; no sentences.
     The Light Beings are the highest level of truth and understanding.  Here, there are no misunderstandings, no sickness and no emotion.  Light Beings release pure truth onto Source and co-create with the Creator.
     The Ancients are the preceptors of knowledge, ancient teachers.  The Ancients identify those they will communicate wit,h whose heart is pure in its intent to be of service to the universe in the evolution of humanity in its understanding of creation.
     The Seventh Creation is the center of the seven universes.  It is a place where the highest of all understanding resides.  It is where order becomes divine and the order dictates the exactness of the outer universes and worlds.
     There are many other various councils and federations that cover a multitude of functions within creation, dedicated to the expansion of consciousness.  One of those councils is the Council of Nine, which includes a representative from each of the seven universes, plus one from the Seventh Creation and one who represents the voice of the Creator.  All are wise and have a vested interest in setting the correct energy for all universal understanding and knowledge.  They oversee all universal laws and set the timing of information releases.  At the human level, communication with the Council of Nine is rare and appears to require a preceptor’s intervention.
     The Archangels also direct the conscious expansion within their realm of influence.  Archangel Michael has a voracious appetite for the truth within our sphere.
     Masters are humans who have mastered this experiential realm–Earth.  They will continue on in their learning path in another place, as Earth is only beginning learning.
     Man has an extreme tendency to place our own value system on the hierarchal order of others.  Man has been incorrect in his
     The term the Ancients can often be confusing, as we often use “ancients” to refer to ancient humans.  This is not the case here.  The Ancients are beings created in the beginning of time and have been given innate knowledge and understanding.  Their purpose is to deliver information, as the Creator directs, in a diffusing of energy and knowledge to a more basic understanding.  These beings are extremely high in their level of understanding and as far as a hierarchy is concerned, there is the Creator, the Light Beings and then perception, placing lower level entities above higher ones; offensive to those who are higher in understanding.  We are reminded not to place an order on other beings, as our understanding of the complete hierarchy is limited and will be evolving to encompass the larger picture in the near future.

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Chapter 3

Your Existence is to Obtain the Higher Essence

  The life force of the Creator, in assistance of the Light Beings, is extended out to all life forms: plants, animals and higher evolutionary beings throughout the universes.
     The soul contains the memory of all experiences and knowledge gained throughout eternity.  The soul is attached to our DNA, the DNA being programmed to the amount of stored information within the soul that one has access to in that life time.  We have access to only that knowledge stored in the soul that is necessary to fulfill the mission or goals we have set for this life.
     As each event occurs in our lives, meant to be a learning tool, we are to turn inward in our contemplation, attempting to understand the sequences that led to the event.  It is not the event itself, but the steps or the succession of decisions made that resulted in the final event that we are to study.  We have lessons going on all around us, involving a multitude of things from our environment to our relationships.    As we progress through our introspection, we analyze the situation from all sides, called angular learning.  When one has viewed the event from all sides, one comes to complete understanding, receiving a vibrational attunement, or a vibrational correction to a deeper understanding.
     Our level of understanding is reflected in our vibration.  The vibration is consciously or unconsciously picked by other people.  This “feeling” we perceive is what gives us the desire to gravitate to or move away from certain people, relative to how harmonic the vibrations are to each other.  We tend to gravitate to others that are in vibrational harmony with ourselves–similar vibrations, similar understanding.  We move away from those with a vibrational release dissimilar to our own, which feels uncomfortable.  As we progress through life and all its events, we receive attunements, which are vibrational corrections to reflect a deeper understanding of the truth.  As our vibration is evolving ever-higher, it affects the matter of our own bodies and the field around our bodies.  The purpose of our lives in the physical is to raise matter to a higher plane of existence, raising the character of our souls and our life force, which emanates from the Creator.
     In order to open the soul’s box and gain greater access to stored knowledge, we must first engage in spiritual studies to attain a certain amount of basic understanding.  This is accomplished over many, many life times.   Meditation  assists in opening the soul’s box, once basic understanding is accomplished.
     Karma comes into play in our spiritual guidance system, yet few people truly understand karma.   Karma is the thought of the higher self giving direction to the physical self in its search for truth and understanding.  It begins at soul birth and continues through a lineal process and in sequential life times until, after a very long time, final completion, or final enlightenment, is obtained.  Karma has been misunderstood as a punishment or reward system for behavior, but rather is the experiences of both sides to give us balance in understanding.  As lessons are learned, vibrational correction is achieved and our behavior changes.  The new vibrational attunement opens new doors of opportunity for learning within the quantum field.
     Ascension has also been mistaken for our “rising up.”  We are not going “up,” we are moving forward in our level of understanding as we attach to the neuronet and the plasmic flow of energy that passes through it carrying the “light.”  The light is a communicative energy, bringing understanding and knowledge.  As we gain understanding, we are increasing our vibration and the flow of energy through our own physical bodies and neurological systems; the physical matter that comprises the geometric field of matter.  This, in turn, raises the matter to a higher essence, while improving the character of our souls and purifying our life force.

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Chapter 4

The Light and Universal Thought Resonance

  Source is the beginning of the neuronet, but is a much larger channel of information.  If we look at our own bodies, the heart pumps a large pulse burst of blood into the aorta, the largest artery in the body.  Other main arteries branch off the aorta and, although smaller, are still pretty big.   From these larger arteries, more arteries branch off and then more arteries branch off from those, each time becoming smaller and smaller until you get to the smallest arteries, the arterioles.  If you cut out an arteriole and grafted it into the aorta, it would simply explode because it is too tiny and frail to handle the volume of blood that would be pumped into it at a larger source of blood supply.
     Informational energy works in the same manner.  Humans are not able to access information available at Source. We must access the smaller tributary of the neuronet.  Light Beings are described as cordessential Beings, essential to All That Is, releasing knowledge and understanding to Source, the network that higher understanding beings can access.  Higher vibrational beings access Source and pass the information on to lower understanding beings in a simplified form.  In this, the information is indirectly coming from the Light Beings.
     The Ancients have been bestowed with innate understanding from the beginning of time and communicate directly with an intended recipient.   A few people are designated to communicate directly with the Ancients, those who want to be used as a tool for change for the betterment of the human race.  With the Ancients, communication is direct.
     All of creation is linked to and communicates with itself through the larger Source and the smaller neuronet with intellectual thought patterns, set in a vibrational wave form.  All wave forms have a mathematical equivalency.  If you have ever graphed x and y coordinates, you understand how a wave form can be graphed and how it is associated with math.   These thought patterns project intellectual knowledge onto the neuronet, which then interfaces with our own auric field.  When we meditate, we raise our vibration and can learn to open the quillerium flap that allows the communication to enter our auric field and then our bodies to be deciphered.
        The information that a particular species can access depends on their own neurological system; also a type of neuronet, or neurological network.  All life in creation works the same, from simple to complex and according to its own intellectual level.  Plants reflect a simple aspect of this in how they interact with ultraviolet rays.  All seven universes, each providing specific learning levels, are connected and all life is connected in an effort to share intellectual knowledge and raise the vibration and essence of All That Is, moving creation in an ever-expanding conscious evolution.
     Thought entities are used with younger cultures, such as our own, to set the parameters for learning when that culture has not yet attained the universal thought connectiveness, or oneness.  Thought entities guide thoughts and understanding, so as to keep order, until which time that a particular species has gained their universal connection, acting in a unified fashion with the rest of the universe.
     The thought communication of a higher intelligence travels from one nerve to the next, much like our bodies work, within the neuronet.  Within the neuronet are strings of plasma, or plasmic cords, which are contained within the energy grid, that allows for the movement of the “light,” the intellectual communication.  The light connects everything in creation, like an enormous brain communicating with itself.  Light creates the balance in understanding and is dispersed in various directions and available to all those who are seeking the truth.
     There are limitations to the neuronet.  As it serves species with less understanding, it does not allow for a connection to the Seventh Creation, the highest of information directly connected to the Creator.  The Seventh Creation exemplifies All That Is, the totality of consciousness, from everything that has ever existed in the past and everything that now exists to everything that will exist in the future.  It is the beginning of Source and creates the cause and effect relating to how consciousness is achieved throughout the universes.  At our level, we require emissaries of the Creator, guides who speak on behalf of Source, simplifying the understanding for us.

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Chapter 5

Truth and Understanding versus Perception

  Our level of understanding directly correlates to our environmental background: what we have experienced and what we have been taught by our parents, teachers, peers, books, etc. Perception is what we have perceived through our senses: what we have seen, heard, read and felt in those experiences and is aligned to various levels of truth.
     In this chapter, we discuss how coming into deeper alignment to truth can assist humanity in achieving peace. The reason for this is that when you have a perceived truth and I have a perceived truth, and they are incongruent, we have differences. A deeper understanding of the physical and spiritual worlds we live in, correlated with Universal Laws and Concepts, will aid us in bringing about a more peaceful world as we come to see truth in the same light. Striving for a deeper understanding and respect for each other, individually and culturally, separated from our human nature and aligned to the higher self, allows us to function under the higher state of universal love, which seeks to understand rather than engage in separation.
     What are Universal Laws and Concepts? They are the grouping of ideas to form a conceptual understanding of the natural laws that exist in our world and beyond. It includes everything from why we exist on a spiritual level to how the universes work on a scientific level. There are billions of Universal Laws.
     As we come to accept that humanity’s understanding of All That Is is narrow due the limited experiences of our young culture, we realize that we do not have all the answers and must strive to open our minds and reprogram our brains to a deeper understanding of truth. To attain this, we must analyze our belief systems and ask ourselves where each belief was derived from and if it makes sense. Our Creator gave us a brain to use to process information and to assist us in finding truth. It is no longer acceptable to “have faith” in something that does not make sense or has no possibility of scientific support. We will find truth when all fields of thought and study intersect, where spirituality meets science.
     How long do our interpretations of ancient texts, scientific theories, legends, etc. succeed in light of new information that brings a more complete understanding of the truth? For example, it is now a well-known fact that Columbus was not the first to discover the Americas. Yet history books still teach our children this fallacy. There are a number of reasons for non-truths to continue, including the reluctance of a society to release old belief systems that are no longer upheld by facts and egos of authors and researchers whose theories have since been proven inaccurate. Of course money plays a part in it too, as school systems find it difficult to replace books that have inconsistencies due to the cost. So it is easier, more cost effective and spares the ego to keep the inconsistencies alive.
     Truth, therefore, becomes the now-understanding. As we research, explore and contemplate, new revelations come into being, which becomes the current truth. So truth is ever-evolving. The Creator and Light Beings are continuously releasing new information to Source, which trickles down to the neuronet. It is impossible for us to assimilate all information all at once. It comes in layers and we have to grasp the basics first, adding a little more at a time as we delve into deeper levels of what we are trying to understand.
     Interpretations of predictions from ancient texts and profits are based on assumptions, again tied to our level of understanding and based on our limited experiences. They are usually opaque and are not meant to be fully understood until after the event occurs in order to not interfere with the learning associated with the event. Predictions become more accurate when generated from the higher beings, but there are still quantum pathways available and the human response to the event can add a level of unpredictability. Keep in mind that end of cycle realignments are natural and bring about a level of change equal to that which we are out of balance. The more out of balance things are, from our thinking to the Earth and other celestial bodies, the more radical the change needed to reinstate balance.
     Math is the language of God. Math is an expression of vibration, which is the “word” of God; that which carries the understanding and the instructions for creating change. The cycles are tied periods of learning and, as the planetary bodies move, their vibrational influence creates variances for passing energy, creating new opportunities for learning different aspects within the larger learning cycle. That is why as the planetary bodies move in respect to each other, new opportunities present themselves for our learning.
     In order to find the truth, one must have an open mind. Our minds cannot be filled with preconceived ideas, ideologies, polarized views and bias’. We have to be able to at least contemplate a new idea without immediately discounting it, remaining as neutral as possible in order to not skew the information we are gathering to fit our perceptions. This requires the love and respect of everything in our environment as an expression of our Creator. As we investigate and explore All That Is, we are learning about our Creator. The love for truth is an expression of the universal love, yearning for the understanding of all aspects in which creation is expressed. This is the true definition of the word “love,” and is what will bring us to our perpetual state of peace as we come to understand each other and the world we live in through the higher self, separated from our human aspect.

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Chapter 6

Universal Laws and Concepts

   The entirety of creation was established as a communication system specifically for our evolution in understanding. Universal Laws create the connectedness of all of creation in the sharing of information and direct the energy pathways specific to learning available within that region. Each area of the universe provides parameters for learning opportunities, dependent upon where one is at in their accumulative learning at the soul level. The ability to access learning spheres directly correlates to one’s current level of understanding. One will only incarnate to a sphere that provides the learning opportunity that they are able to comprehend and assimilate. Likewise, one should only access the next dimensional sphere relative to what one is able to comprehend. You would not expect to understand 3rd year chemistry if you have never had chemistry, it would simply be over your head.
     Within a given universal neighborhood, there are laws that create parameters that guide the energy flows for the understanding that is available within that conceptual area of the universe. These laws also reflect the vibrational parameters of that sector, as conceptual understanding correlates to vibration. So where you are at in your understanding at the higher self or soul level is reflected into your vibrational output and you can only enter like vibrational fields of learning, whether they be physical or non-physical fields.
     There are millions upon millions of laws which correlate to given sectors and the gaseous makeup of that sector or planet. The gaseous atmosphere determines how life forms are expressed on a given planet, again correlated to parameters of vibrational understanding. The learning available within each area of the universe must be fully realized before one can move on to another universe for higher learning. To be more specific, we are here on Earth because we have chosen Earth as our home planet that is a vibrational match to where our current level of understanding is. We will reincarnate here in an experiential learning field until we have learned all that is available with the parameters of learning on this sphere before we have “mastered” this learning realm and can move on to a higher learning sphere. This is a physical “bonus” learning field and there are other learning fields available in a non-physical sense.

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Chapter 7

Vibrational Concepts

   We all understand vibration on a basic level. Vibration is felt by the oscillating movement as things that vibrate move to and fro. This is seen and felt in the vibration of appliances and machinery, but also applies at the smallest level, from vibrating atoms to the vibrations that create all matter at it’s very smallest unseen level. In this chapter, we are being introduced to vibrational concepts at a deeper level, showing how vibration relates to understanding, behavior and events in our lives.
     We are aware of the “vibes” we feel when we are in the presence of other people, but may not completely understand what we are feeling. Brief interactions with new people can either cause us to gravitate toward them, or be repelled by them. This directly correlates to whether we are in vibrational harmony or disharmony with these other people. Our level of understanding and vibrational attunement in this life emanates out into the field around our body. If our own vibration is within the same range as the other person whom we are “reading” when we interface with their field, we will have vibrational harmony and we feel an attraction to that person. If the other person, or being, has another level of vibration unlike our own, we will feel disharmony, resulting in our feeling uncomfortable around them. Although we have a tendency to label those who make us feel uncomfortable as bad, negative or at a lower vibrational level, which may be true, it can also mean that the person or being is vibrating at a higher level and has a greater level of understanding than we have. So this uneasy feeling can occur in the presence of any entity, human or otherwise, who is out of our own vibrational range.
     The soul determines its own karmic learning path from the beginning of its birth, which is directed by the higher self, the directional generator of the soul. The higher self continually reads where we are in relation to the path that has been chosen by the soul, evaluating our learning and directing our decisions. The question is, are we listening to the higher self, or are we being guided by our human aspect? Are we on the path that we had chosen or have we deviated off of our path? The end goal of the soul is final and complete enlightenment. The definition of enlightenment is the intellectual and spiritual knowledge of; spiritual light. The definition of light, given by our guides, is, “Light is a communicational tool that is a strand across all universal boundaries…it carries all communicative processes, even between universal connections beyond your comprehension.” All communication results in the sharing of information-intellectual, informational and or spiritual-raising our level of understanding. The “Light” delivers communication from spiritual guides to help us in our understanding and decision-making. It presents itself as that sudden epiphany or that voice that is heard within the mind.
     Essential beings are those beings who hold the expansive levels of understanding, whose purpose or “cause” is to share the understanding, giving the “effect” of acquired intelligence to others and creating, in the process, the vibrational tones and anatomic structure of the dimensions relating to universal consciousness. Our life force, the life energy that directly comes from the Creator, has the attachment to the dimensions and the dimensional events that we are able to generate, relative to our own vibrational attunement, for higher learning purposes. It is our vibrational attunement that creates the vibrational veil to the next dimension. We are able to enter another dimension when we reach vibrational alignment to that dimension, usually by accident, which is temporary, metaphoric and symbolic, for learning purposes. Dimensions are learning fields and are accessed when we are ready, entering the next dimension relative to where we are. We cannot skip dimensions, as the level of understanding is beyond what we are able to comprehend and will cause malfunctions in our own vibrational understanding, reflected out into our field.
     Physically entering the next dimension is accomplished after completion of the previous dimensional learning field and after a period of observation of the next dimension, without initially incarnating into it. It would be like having accomplished full understanding the 4th dimension of time, who we are in our 4th dimensional self at the soul level, which resides in the 4th dimension. We would then be able to observe the goings on of the 5th dimension, before we are able to exit this life and incarnate in the next life into a lighter body attuned to the 5th dimension.
     Before each life experience, the soul chooses a vibrational attunement, given by other entities that have experienced and understand the vibration of that particular learning path, creating the opening within the quantum field for the experiences that one wishes to experience. That vibration is magnified by our early childhood experiences and influences the way we see and interpret our world and our experiences. As we experience each event in our lives, we are to turn inward for evaluation and contemplation, then ask for outside guidance in understanding to give further understanding. As one examines all aspects of the event from different angles, called angular learning, we eventually come to a complete 360-degree understanding. When this happens, we have completed the lesson and we receive a vibrational attunement, or correction, to a deeper level of understanding. This new vibrational understanding is vibrationally reflected into the field around us, going out before us, directing the ionic field into new events to materialize out of the quantum field. The new vibration, reflecting our new understanding, changes our paradigm and moves us out of the past learning field and into a new one. It also changes our behavior, as we now understand more than we did previously. This continues throughout each life and should align to the ever-expanding understanding in the direction of final and complete enlightenment, which delivers ever-lasting spiritual life.

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Chapter 8

Concepts Relating to Polarity

   Polarities exist in all things to create balance in our world and balance in our understanding. One cannot exist without the other. The depth of our understanding will expand to realize that polarities include a vast area yet undiscovered in our contemplation as a society as a whole.
     From the redundant issues of the past cycle, we clearly see the polarities of race and women’s equality, of pain and contentment and of health and illness. But now we are called to look at the intricacies of polarities less visible.
     Observe the reactions and opposite reactions within our relationships: The one who says something perceived to be negative, while another rushes in with a positive statement to create balance. This directly correlates to the balance necessary within the positive, negative and neutral charges of atoms within science. The inward contemplation, or meditation, allows us to fully analyze the polarities that exist in our learning experiences, balancing our understanding and thus balancing our vibrational output into the electromagnetic field surrounding the body, allowing for the unobstructed flow of energy through the neurological system.
     Understanding our physical nature relating to polarities takes the form of our connection to our physical bodies: how we relate vibrationally to our physical anatomy; our maleness or femaleness and the opposite reactions of male/female and their negative/positive aspects that bring balance. The male genome was designed to be egotistical and hard, to provide direction and survival. The female was designed for the opposite attributes: non-egotistical and soft, the teacher of love. This brings balance between the two. Children also observe a wider bandwidth of energy between the two expressions, creating a broader perspective.
     Within ourselves we can witness the conscious and unconscious behaviors that create a contrarian discipline within that eventually leads to our ultimate destiny of balanced understanding. Our incorrect perception of self is found in the reflection of a projected perception of how we want others to view us, which is usually based in the value systems of the society in which one resides. It is projected in our behavior, how we dress, how we style our hair, what house we choose to reside in and what car we choose to drive. We then tend to form our interpretation of the spiritual self around these outer constructs. This confines our human understanding to a box, not allowing for the wider perspective of a universal understanding of who we really are and of all that exists to study within the wider parameters that the Creator has given us. We are giving credence to a shallow understanding, creating an incomplete attunement, which is energetically unsafe. We are being called now to analyze all that exists within the quantum field for complete understanding and attunement. We must look at all that is before us from all angles (angular learning) to have full understanding; not just the view which we deem as “positive,” as it is only one-sided and which only seeks to make us feel good, comfortable and safe.
     This leads us to the examination of our inner truths: how polarized we are in our perception of the world around us. We are often not aware that we are not neutral in our perceptions. Yet, as information comes to us, we will seek to move the truth of the information in the direction of our perception. Often it is subtle and our communication with others does not necessarily throw up any red flags with them. But the further our perception is from the truth, the more we tend to add to our story, crossing the line of credibility. It is here that the imbalance will open the quantum field to a correction. The event can take many forms, calling us out on our misperception.
     To see the truth for all that it is, we must continuously seek to view from the middle ground, the neutral sweet spot, the place where we can clearly examine both sides of the equation. It takes great effort, especially in the world we live in, which is perpetually telling us what we should believe. We must seek to break away from others managing what we think and who they want us to be. It is not our task to fulfill another’s dream; it is our task to self-discovery, our self-truth. Following guidance from within will set our path to our final goal, as seen out on the horizon. Following outside persuasions will only lead us in an illogical direction contrary to the birth of new understanding.
     All of creation has a wide scale of energy bands for us to examine. We tend to label some of those bands as positive or negative but, within the broader perspective, we can view them all from a neutral state. It is just the observation and understanding of all energy and vibration across the diameter of all that exists. “Positive,” in a universal sense, is that which is life-giving; the birth of new understanding. “Negative” seeks to hide, conceal or manipulate understanding.
     Vibrational discord, or the uncomfortable feeling in the presence of another, is indicative of not being in the same vibrational frequency. It is often translated to mean we are in the presence of something “evil,” but, in reality, can also be that we are the lower vibrational frequency in the presence of a higher frequency or intelligence. So we have to analyze the information presented to us to understand where we are relative to the other, vibrationally speaking. Are we being manipulated or deceived or are we being instructed in a deeper understanding? This is where we will often find our answer to the question of negative vs. positive beings. Keep in mind that a “visionary’s tactic,” or tool box, may include a partial understanding that leads one to believe they have the full picture, but later events determine otherwise. This brings about the desire within to get to the truth, resulting in the final goal of the visionary of a more complete understanding within the student. Controlling our vibrational output and our electromagnetic field in a positive reflection is accomplished by suppressing our self-indulgences and our ideologies and aligning to and seeking out others of a higher understanding. This acts to repel those that we call “negative” entities that seek to manipulate and control our thoughts.
     Polarities are created within learning fields for young civilizations of young souls to create the learning experiences that eventually lead to the narrowing of the polarities and the creation of balance. The succession of polarized events are meant to bring us, in the end, to a contractual pulling in and final unification. The new cycle and next generation will usher in a narrowing and a softening of the polarities for further study and society will experience a more middle-ground, a more neutral state for observing truth. As societies progress to higher states of understanding polarities, balance evolves and all is viewed from the higher state of neutrality.

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Chapter 9

Proto Vita: The Origin of the Beginning

  This is a tough chapter.  But there are areas within the chapter that are simpler to understand and we encourage you to not get frustrated, especially with the math.  Just understand that all energy has vibration and that vibration contains a mathematical formula that can be applied to all things, from what is the true level of understanding of an idea to the big bang.  Let’s start with the basics and then you can build on it from there.  The science and the math can be left for the scientists and mathematicions to figure out.  Besides, the equations offered here are only part of the equation, so even that won’t be of much assistance.  The basic concept here is math applies to all things.  It is the language of God.
     There is a theme that we have noticed, that of spirals and the release of energy from the center of those spirals.  If you imagine for a moment that a central point is turning in a clock-wise motion while releasing energy, that release would end up looking like a spiral.  And so this chapter starts with a vision of such.  This release of energy has a vibration and, as the vibrational energy is released from the center of creation, it carries a mathematical formula that creates an event.  Everything that exists in creation was made from a particular event.  As the vibration travels outward, it appears that it is stronger at its center release point with the potential for creating something more dense, such as matter.  As it travels, it becomes weaker and can form less-dense things, like gases.    The big bang was an accumulation and magnification of the release of vibration over trillions of years, building to such a large extent, that it created a massive energy release of a massive amount of high vibration.  That massive explosion began the process of converting energy to mass and light, forming the beginning of all the seven universes.
     Contrary to what has been portrayed historically, the Creator is not human-like.  Our likeness comes in the form of energy.  The center of Creation, in our experience, is an enormous field of intelligent energy: It is the all-knowing.  Given to all higher intelligent life is the gift of learning what the Creator wants to share with us.  That intelligence is shared over a network of nerves that communicate much like the nerves of our body.  Source is not the Creator, rather the communication tool of the Creator.  It is the immense storage of higher intellectual information, which is more intelligent and powerful than we can imagine at this point in our human evolution.  The beings who have evolved in their understanding to high levels of intelligence and those who were created at the beginning of creation bestowed with innate knowledge, such as the Ancients, are a part of Source, relaying understanding to other beings in simpler form through telepathic communication.
     The neuronet is similar to Source, yet is a storage network of less dense, or simpler, information.   We are given the opportunity to access this “cloud” of stored information, much like getting on the internet to find a quick answer to some question we have.  Those who have the desire to learn beyond their own sphere of influence can access the neuronet.  We will give a picture of how this works.   We were taking a road trip.  Renee looked out onto a crop field and wondered, “What is that crop?”  She immediately heard in her mind “sorghum.”  Going to her phone, she googled sorghum and up pops a picture of the crop we were viewing.  The neuronet is for short answers to a question.  Mentors, spirit guides, will elaborate further on conceptual understanding through telepathic communication.
     The grid is simply what contains the energy in a particular space, much like banks of a river that contain the water.  There are many types of energy grids.  The grid for the neuronet holds the communication energy in a flowing channel so that it doesn’t dissipate out and dilute into nothingness.
     The quiaxle is a sensory structure, measuring the realization of understanding gained through various events that play out within various sections of the universe.  It then directs the energy pathways based on how much understanding has been gained.  This is on a collective consciousness level of a specific area, such as Earth.  It is also tied to the four phases of nature: Earth, wind, fire and water bring corrections to our understanding.  If we think we can control all aspects of the earth, polluting and pillaging her, Mother Nature will not only prove us wrong, but will push back in order to protect herself.
     The angulations of proclamation also sense the direction of energy movement and set for the instructions for the next step in learning within the experiential fields, such as Earth.  It is a nerve impulse recognition that then directs the next sequence in movement in ever-expanding universal conscious intelligence.
     The ley lines are within the plasmic field of charged atoms and is where all life force fields come together in unison.
     The transformation that is upon us involves our understanding of how this communication system works.  To sum it up, new information is  constantly being released by Creator.  The information is available to higher intelligence via Source.  Higher knowing beings also make up Source.  The neuronet contains more basic intelligence for younger souls and cultures who desire a greater understanding of creation.  The neuronet releases vibrations that translate to the tones that we hear, and works much like the nerves in back of our brains, the occiput.  The vibration released forms geometric patterns that fluctuate freely within the gases that “synapse,” or create a field where the information is moved along by way of a pulse burst.  The pulse burst creates a wave length, which creates a megahertz tone.  Through a sedate process, or what we call meditation, we are able to capture the vibrational releases, which one or more of our chakras are used for interpretation.  The brain analyzes the sensory interpretation and translates it into the words, vision or the intuition that completes the communication.  Mentors are available to those who seek out that understanding to further clarify through telepathy, a similar communication that travels its own pathway.
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Chapter 10

Universal Structure and Balance

  Here we find that the entirety of creation was designed to promote communication of higher intelligence from the Creator down through the stratification of all life force entities in a diffusing effect, from beings of great understanding to beings of less understanding.  The entirety of universal structure is designed to support this and is continuously seeking to ensure balance.  Here is our interpretation of the lessons offered in The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance.  Let us be clear here, we do not have any physics or astronomy background.  We are only trying to decipher and provide a basic understanding of the lessons we have been given.
     The center of creation rotates counter-clockwise.  The seven universes rotate in the opposite clockwise direction around the center of creation, overlapping each other in a circular pattern.
     Between each universe is a neutral area, creating a buffer zone that both separates and links the quantum paths of learning available between the neighboring universes.  Each universe provides its own unique spectrum of learning opportunities appropriate to those who are at the level of understanding specific to that area.  It is much like our own school systems here on Earth: When you are at kindergarten level, you go to kindergarten.  Then we progress upward in our understanding with each level attained.  To go on to the next “grade,” we have to have a good grasp of the grade we have just completed, else we may have to repeat it and then move on.
     To provide stability to the galaxies, so as not to collide with each other, two galaxy fields rotate in one direction while the third field in the triad moves in the opposite direction.  A vibrational “bumper” is created ahead of the moving triad.  The matter within the fields rotates clockwise with the universe, at a faster speed.  It would seem as if each expanding field moves in the opposite direction as its neighboring field so as to create balance within the entirety of all of creation.
     From where we stand, it would appear that the universe is expanding.  Repeated many times, we are being told that it is the viewing of the spirals as they rotate from our vantage point that creates the illusion.  But, we are reassured, the universe is not expanding and that we simply have not seen the bigger picture.  Imagine in your minds eye a spiral moving in one direction.  It does seem that from some angles it would appear to be expanding.
     The planets contain a vibrational link within the plasmic field, similar to string theory, to a central, non-specific area.  Field poles between the planets create a repelling pulse to keep planets from colliding.
     Structural differences in subatomic matter exist between the universes and correlate to their own numerical sequences, which also relate to the cognitive value of learning available for that particular area.  Everything in creation requires vibrational equivalency.  This means that a given universe has a particular vibrational spectrum which correlates to the learning available within that section, which correlates to the matter within that universe, which correlates to the mathematical makeup of the subatomic structure of that matter.
     A vibrational triangulation attunes three points within the universe to its’ axis.  This sets the stage for event openings to happen to further our understanding.
     Within each universe there are sections which further define areas of vibration that define the learning available and the variances in matter within that section, which has a particular mathematical sequence unique to the sector.  For Earth, we only have certain information and learning available that fits our cause; cause being what we need to learn and what we can understand at this point in our soul’s evolution.
     A complex of mathematics determines the orbits of each sphere.  The mathematical calculations are calculated by ciphers of the Creator.  The ciphers monitor orbits and calculate corrections to be made, mathematically speaking, to the orbits when, over perhaps billions of our years, the accumulation of shifting mass necessitates re-balancing.
     Suns are placed in purposeful locations that most benefit the particles of life.  Solar flares create conditions for changing atmospheric gases, aiding us in our own evolutionary process into a more conscious being.  Gases are the only inconstant when it comes to determination of how life forms are expressed on a given planet, including intellectual behavior.  What this implies is that life force energy is universal; what makes each planet different in its life forms is the gaseous makeup of its atmosphere, which makes the template, so to speak, the pattern for life expression on a given sphere.
     Earth resides in the forth of seven universes and has been called by many names, which relate to a given culture’s own conceptual understanding.
     Time within the time-space continuum relates to the movement of energy and matter in its expansion, matter being a density of energy.  Time, within the universe, does not exist in the way we know and use it.  It relates more to an understanding of physics.
     As Earth moves through space, the vibration given off from the surrounding matter of nebulae, other planets, and comets create openings of events to take place, setting the stage for certain learning to be realized.
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Chapter 11

Gaia is Being Damaged for the Spoils of Humanity

  In an era where we have heard so much about global warming and greenhouse gases, the melt off of glaciers and the rising of coastal waters, there seems to be a few camps that have polarized in their belief of what is going on.  Add to that the crazy weather patterns.  Our young do not have recall of a time when the seasons were as predictable as the sun but, if you’ve been on this planet long enough, you know that the weather is not what it used to be.  We are going to present a new angle to look at, based on the information given us by our non-physical mentors.
     Think for a moment of all the mining that man is doing over the earth.  We mine all kinds of things…metals, various organic materials, radioactive materials and more.  Have we ever thought about why these things are on Earth in the first place?  What purpose do they serve other than to make our lives a whole lot easier, to provide us with electricity to have warmth in the winter, a means to cook and light to see?  We are being told that many of the items are there to serve the integrity of Earth and, as we mine them, we are depleting the support structure of the earth, causing mounting problems that we are completely ignorant of.
     The mining of uranium is one of the most detrimental things that we are doing to Earth.  The uranium forms structural pillars of energy for the earth and is mined for use in providing energy to nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants.  When we remove the uranium, we are depleting the earth’s energy, necessitating a rebuilding of these structural energy pillars within the earth.  Our mentors are asking humans now to discontinue tampering with the energy structure of the planet, to stop all removal, which may create a high cost to mankind if we don’t.  If we are not good stewards of the earth, eventually it comes back to us in our ability to survive here.
     Gold and silver provide a structural matrix for the earths’ crust.  Humans are corrupting the value of gold and silver with our coveting of these minerals, and destroying the beauty of the earth in the process.  Our relationship with these minerals can be weight to the soul, as we worship the material world and disregard Gods’ Earth.
     While clearly we have no understanding except basic knowledge of radioactive minerals, the Ancients are telling us that iridium plays an important role in the anchoring of the electromagnetic field.  The iridium is not indigenous to Earth, it comes in on meteorites.  It is being mined for use in medical technology, and the making of jewelry and for ball points of pens.  So what happens to the electromagnetic field when we are stripping away the iridium?  Our electromagnetic field is currently weak.  Is it a natural phenomenon, or have we disrupted it?  Or have we accelerated the weakening?  We are also told that it may become necessary for an “iridium hit,” the delivering of iridium from outside Earth to re-stabilize the electromagnetic field.  And, of course, that is via meteorites.  It is time for us to start thinking about how we have been interacting with the earth, as our past actions come back to us in the form of some very painful lessons.
     Also affecting the electromagnetic field is the sum-total of “negative” energy coming off the earth, affecting the subatomic makeup of the ionosphere, which, in turn, disturbs the atmospheric pressure, affecting weather patterns.  But our interpretation of “negative energy” is incorrect.  The relationship is with science: The totality of noise vibration coming off Earth changes the electric charges of atoms, tipping the scale to more electrons, or more negatively-charged atoms, disturbing the balance between electrons, neutrons and protons.
     Of great concern is our experimentation with the linear accelerator.  While the knowledge gained is welcomed, the direction we take with it may not be.  It has the ability to affect the stability of all of Creation.  This is being closely watched and will be intervened upon, should we step off in the wrong direction.
     Lands where great human suffering has occurred has absorbed the emotional scars of history, so to speak.  Our hearts and the land share an intimate relationship.  Where one is broken, so is the other.  To mend, we must listen to the hearts of our brethren, weave the love, heal the pain.  It is then that the land can also heal.
     Now we come back to global warming.  What about the carbon emissions?  We were informed that volcanic activity was to increase, heating the earth and spewing much more carbon higher into the atmosphere than what we are releasing through human activity.  Much of the volcanic activity is to take place under the oceans, heating the waters, which will also change climate.  This is being controlled by cycles and energies outside of what we can control.  This has been predicted and is expected to heat the earth.  All ice on the earth, we are told, will melt off.  More water will cover the earth.  Earth will be warmer and more tropical and our DNA is being modified to be able to tolerate a warmer climate.  The concern, of course, is low-lying coastal cities.  The cycle in the not-too-distant future will then create a mini ice-age.  By then, we will have technology to be able to deal with it quite effectively.
     We are all guilty of the assaults upon the earth.  We have all participated in the injurious affliction to our mother.  Most of it arose out of our simply not knowing, but there has also been a large share of ignorance, driven by greed.  Energy is circuitous: What we put out there comes back to us, its starting point, in a round-about sort of way.  Many lessons will be gained from it and the next generation will be better equipped with a deeper understanding of science.

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Chapter 12

Mathematical Balance of Each Galaxy

  Cycles relate to planetary orbits.  The planetary bodies produce their own vibrational field and have an influence on passing energy.  So, as these bodies move in their orbits, they align with other planets creating a new symphony of vibration.  The changing planetary positions create variables in energy streams and open event possibilities for learning purposes and expansion of consciousness when we reflect upon the events.
     As new planetary bodies are created and others collapse, over billions of years, there develops a shifting of balance.  Imagine, if you will, a baby’s mobile, a structural umbrella of sorts with toys hanging in a circular pattern from the main spines of the umbrella.  Each toy has to be placed in such a way so as to create balance in weight in regards to the other side.  If you removed one of the toys, the whole mobile becomes lop-sided.  Now draw a parallel to the universe, with all of its celestial forms, each having  mass or weight, each having its own orbit.  Imagine a sun that implodes into a super nova, a new nebulous that forms, perhaps a meteor that falls into a sun.  Over billions of years, the shifting mass becomes imbalanced.  There comes a point where a recorrection needs to take place, a rebalancing.
     Tied to the cycles are cycles of learning and new species development.  This also follows a path of higher steps in evolution.  We are being told this is the fifth cycle for Earth; the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle, which also follows the Hopi tradition of the ending of the fourth world and the beginning of the fifth.  It is the end of a way of thinking, tied to perceptual learning, and the beginning of a new thought process of conceptual learning.  If you study Hopi oral histories, you will notice that each world ends in major Earth changes: fire/volcanic activity ended the first world, the ice age completed the second world and water/the great flood ended the third world.  Those who are spiritually ready and choose to make the jump will carry forth the lessons of the past to create a new future, a new undertaking, under directional law of the Creator.
      An enormous informational release has been generated by Creator of high numerical value, arriving now to collapse our current paradigm and bring forth a new understanding beyond our wildest imaginations.  As our perceptions collapse, a new truth emerges and with it new technological and medical discoveries.  We come to realize our illusions and misperceptions, our duality; releasing belief systems of the past to gain a new understanding.
      It will be a time of great turmoil as we seek to destroy all that no longer serves us.  Non-sustainable social systems crumble, giving us the opportunity to create more sustainable systems.  Polarities flare, destroying our perception of the individual self to make way for the realization that we are all one.  In the succession of events we are humbled, recapturing our higher self in our desperation to regain our connection to All That Is, beginning a new cycle of connectiveness and informational sharing.
     The displaced electromagnetic field magnifies ideologies within some, an increase in perceptual energy, set to cause disruption, provocation and disorientation, producing a caustic effect that extinguishes the higher learning for a time.  As we turn inward in evaluation of the lessons presented, we gain a new understanding allowing the vibrational attunements necessary to complete the lessons, opening a new paradigm to a higher conceptual understanding, delivered from outside our world.
     An atmospheric disturbance will create conditions for shifting plate tectonics and reversing of the electromagnetic field poles of not only earth, but of each sphere in our galaxy, shifting orbits and mass density to reinstate balance and the step-up required for the new field of learning.  A new neuronet through gaseous changes in our atmosphere creates a new, more efficient communicative process.  The earth axis shifts to correct the wobble, creating a new heaven and a new Earth, aligned with an ancient orientation.  It is the mathematical rebalancing of planets, orbits and mass.
     The realignment is not happening only here on Earth, it is happening throughout all the universes.  A reciprocal effect of realignment relates to the degree that a given area is out of balance: The more an area is out of balance, the more change is required to reinstate balance.  Therefore, there are areas that only need a small degree of change, while Earth and humans need a high degree of change to reinstate the balance.  “Quantum influences a must for diametrical change.”  It is the transformation of a new species, tied to the placement of planetary bodies within their orbits at this particular moment in time, all designed to produce a DNA change of a higher expression, creating new parameters for life here of a higher conscious value.
“Correctional behavior a must for survival of [a] culture.”


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