Attunement Creates The Dimensional Separation

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 7
     Life force extends to us from the Creator and Light Beings.  It is the life force of God.  Life force is projected to all life forms universally.  Life force creates the soul and gives it the essence.  Our essence is who we are at our very core, the character of our soul.  It is tied to our soul’s vibrational signature.  Our life force essence has the attachment to the dimensions, the learning fields that have been created to insure the expanding universal consciousness of All That Is.  The dimensions are separated by a vibrational veil.  The veil inhibits our ability to see beyond it until the point that we are close enough in understanding and vibration to be able to understand what lies beyond the veil.  It is our upward vibrational attunement, through our expanding understanding, that allows us to move beyond the veil to the next level of learning. So, in essence, the veil separates the lower vibrational being from the next higher vibrational sphere.  Imagine the first grader who goes to school to learn to read.  Only after being able to read to some degree can she move on to the second grade, where her reading skills are needed to learn the next-higher concepts.
     The essential beings, those who are essential to the universal consciousness, create the vibrational veil, relying on a tone produced by universal connections.  This tone produces a vibration that correlates to a mathematical code of sorts that creates the structure of each dimensional veil, which relates to the universal consciousness available at that level.  Earth is just a speck of consciousness compared to what exists throughout all the universes.  The Light to higher levels of vibrational understanding is 100 million times that of humans.  The key to accessing higher dimensions lies in our attunement.  The more we contemplate, the more introspective we are of the events going on around us, the more we understand new concepts, the higher our vibration goes.  Sometimes we are able to shift to a higher vibration, allowing us to see and experience a higher dimension for a short time, which usually unintended.  The important thing to understand here is that we must be able to comprehend what we see.  For this reason, it is most important to spend the time on the basic building blocks of learning to build a solid foundation so that when we do access the next higher dimension, we are able to derive some understanding of our experience.
     When we assimilate to the universal code of conduct, we are accepting the universal laws that create stability in the universal consciousness by creating that solid and reliable base of understanding.  All planets provide the same access to experiences at differing levels, each requiring real time and effort to decipher and understand.  The path is not a straight and direct one, it is full of bends and turns.  Our vibrational attunement will only be realized through the concentrated study within our own minds.  It is then that the learning is accomplished at the soul level, where our attunement is received.  The soul vibration is correlated with a universal equivalent.  Each universe provides specific levels of learning attainment.  For this reason, the universal laws prohibit us, the kindergartner, from entering into the universal college of extreme consciousness.  The vibrational understanding has to fulfill the design of Universal Laws and Concepts and cannot cause vibrational absurdity, or discord that overshadows the vibrations of true understanding.
     Higher vibrational entities are in tune with all events: they fully understand all events.  Areas within the universe that are established by specific vibrational parameters.  These are the parameters of learning available within each area.  There exists a variety of understanding among humans, dependent on their current life experiences and all past life experiences.  Once full (360-degree) understanding of a particular event is accomplished, one is “in tune” with that event.  The higher ones are in tune with all events, having been attuned to all experiences through their committed study.  Humanity’s transformation is the movement in this direction.
     Prepare for oscillation, your vibrational movement upward, but beware that is may cause your ostracization.  Others simply may not understand.  Meditate beyond the conceptual understanding you now possess to raise your vibrational level above what it was at birth.  You will not vibrate beyond that which you do not understand.  A calming effect will prevail with the true understanding, delivered to you along a network within our atmospheric plasma from a spiritual guide.  Protection comes to those who are able to consistently create a channel of information energy to themselves from this network of beings who teach universal concepts.  Our behavior is corrected as we develop in understanding, controlled by a force within the universe that brings forth the codes.  It is only through our direct involvement in controlling our own vibrational output and aligning to the universal consciousness that we will attain our goals!
    We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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