Aligning to Complete Understanding

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 1
     What is a light worker?  First, it has nothing to do with visible light.  In a spiritual sense, light has always implied the energy that carries understanding.  The true light workers are those that are able to bring forth the understanding for others.  They have the ability to align to the vibrational essence of the earth and their soul’s resonance is able to connect to the plasma of the universe (which is the conduit for information), accessing the higher understanding of universal concepts.  It is a depth of understanding the concepts at a geometrical, or mathematical level.  The light workers bring the highest level of understanding and there are few of them.  They project a calmness out into the surrounding field.  Examples of light workers are Jesus, Yogananda and Fools Crow on the Native side, to name a few.
     While tempting to reach higher levels of spiritual advancement, it is extremely important to work first on a sound foundation of basic understanding before leaping forward.  Stay grounded while adding to your base knowledge.  All learning comes in sequential steps outlined within the parameters of our learning field.  Not following these steps can lead to delusions or misinterpretations of the higher levels, which ultimately causes a disconnect in our vibrational understanding, which is then reflected out into the magnetic field that exists around our physical body.
     For another higher vibrational person to have an upward vibrational effect on other people, those people must first be open to the influence.  Therefore, someone like Gandhi can only have a vibrational affect on others who are open to his influence and has little effect on those who are closed to it.
     When we speak of vibration, it is always in relation to levels of understanding.  Higher vibration is not a feel-good state, or just the walking through the motions of “higher vibration,” because you would just be walking through the steps without the understanding of why.  The higher vibration is the choices you make because you understand at a much deeper level.  It is the knowing how things, any thing, works at ever-deepening levels.  Because we may have been introduced to some knowledge, does not mean we have full understanding.  The Creator lifts the veils of understanding at various times so that we can then learn more, and only after sufficient understanding of the basic level has been attained.
     Trying to create an illusion of higher learning and understanding actually creates a disconnect in our own vibrational pattern, which blocks the true learning at the soul level.  This creates an insatiable desire for more because one never really gains the satisfaction of true understanding.  It is more important to simplify the understanding of universal laws and concepts than it is to feed the illusion of self-attainment.
     When contemplating going to higher levels, it is important to first analyze what your motives are for doing so.  Is it because you are truly driven to understand at a deeper level?   Or is it ultimately for the feeling of accomplishment?  Make sure you understand what drives you and what impact going to higher levels will have on your basic understanding. 
     For example, you could try getting into another dimension of learning.  If you are not ready, how might you interpret what you experienced?  If you misinterpret your experience, you are bound to draw false beliefs about it.  If you share your experience with another, you have passed on incorrect information, propagating false information.  This is where we are at today.  Desiring to be more than one is creates a perception, but is not a consequence of understanding.
     There are many paths to take and many levels to progress, which cannot be accomplished in one life time.  Not everyone is trying to accomplish the same thing at the same time, nor is everyone working on higher learning at the same time.  We are learning individually and collectively, which is magnified to the mass consciousness of a given area.  Each person has their own conceptual level in this life, dependent on the mission the soul has set for that life.  A lot of hostility exists between truth and perception; we must look beyond and give respect to where each person is on their chosen learning path at this moment in time.  As we progress, truth becomes the drive in our search, which leads us to the discovery of who we are at our very soul, lifting the veil to the aspirations of the soul and its plans for our future learning.
     Let us not follow the perceptions of attainment as dictated by others, but rather to go within ourselves to discover what our soul has already planned.  The perceived higher attainment led by others is often a desire for something outside of themselves and yet they have not gone within themselves; thus, the desired attainment is just an illusion.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!

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