About Us

Kent and Renee Miller


  Kent was working as deputy fire marshal and Renee as a registered nurse, when a multitude of strange coincidences began.  Edie, a friend, announced one  day that Kent had an ability, through meditation, to reach a high-level “Source” and would be receiving both ancient and new information.  Speechless and confused, Kent replied, “I don’t know how to meditate.”  A month later, our curiosity overcame us and we attempted to teach Kent how to meditate. 
     It wasn’t long before he was hearing dictation and seeing visions while in a deep meditation, dictating to Edie and Renee the changes coming for the earth and humanity and divinely taught lessons about our purpose and the purpose of creation.  Several years later, Kent and Renee would be asked to compile these lessons into a series of books and to begin teaching.