A New Field Being Developed: the arch of idietres

A Study in Renaissance, Chapter 4
      We have been discussing various aspects of the spiritual communication system, which is currently being renovated and upgraded, and now we are going to tie it all together.
     Our souls are on a vibrational journey.  The body is just a temporary vessel to house the soul.  Science has shown that all atoms vibrate.  The Ancients have said the smallest component of an atom is a particular vibration.  A specific vibration makes a gas, which, when condensed with other gases, makes matter, which makes up our material world.  In essence, our souls are superimposed into a vibrational field for learning purposes.  Even our souls have a particular vibrational signature and our thoughts produce a vibration aligned to our beliefs and levels of understanding.  We interact with this vibrational field, creating events that we need to reflect upon and grow from, gaining higher levels of consciousness and understanding.  As we do so, we receive vibrational attunements to ever-increasing levels of vibration.  Levels of understanding are directly tied to levels of vibration.
     We have to keep learning, seeking understanding and quieting our inner mind chatter to allow ourselves to process all that is going on in the field around us.  When we are actively engaging in this process, we are assigned spiritual guides to help us with this understanding, sending us thoughts for new ways to look at what we are trying to process.  This is called Creative understanding, as the guides represent the Creator to deliver ever-expanding levels of truth.
     There are other learning fields called dimensions.  We live in one dimension as we temporarily enter the next dimension for learning purposes.  Once we have sufficient understanding of the next dimension, we can incarnate into that dimension.  We are now living in the three dimensions of space, working on the fourth dimension of time, which is a bridge to the fifth dimension. Our soul currently lives in the fourth dimension.  We visit the fourth dimension in our dream state and during meditation.  In our dreams and visions we are trying to understand our past and possible futures related to our personal enlightenment journey.  Our job now is to come to understand who are soul is and where its’ conscious level is in comparison to the universal consciousness.  Once we understand this, we can access the “soul’s box” and receive communication both from the soul and from higher vibrational entities that can share elevated levels of understanding.
     The soul has an enormous amount of stored information from past learning and past lives.  Even so, Earth and its inhabitants are only a speck of what comprises the universal consciousness and the essential beings that engage in it.  The “cause” of these beings is to communicate higher understanding to other beings, aligned to natural and universal laws that dictate ever-increasing levels of universal consciousness.
     Source and the neuronet make up the communication system.  Source is the communication system between the Creator and higher vibrational entities.  The neuronet is a tributary off of Source for communication between higher vibrational beings and lower vibrational beings, like ourselves.  The neuronet system is now being transformed, upgraded, to release a higher electric discharge within the plasma of our atmosphere, enabling a transference of higher thoughts for greater levels of understanding.
    The arch of idietres is a structure in this unseen communication network within the universe that is being expanded, allowing the stabilization of diametrically opposite energy patterns within the communication.  It stabilizes the communication energy between higher vibrational beings and lower vibrational beings.  Our pituitary gland, on a spiritual level, is tied to this communication system and the pathway to understanding, but this aspect has been shut down for some time within humanity due to man’s materialism, greed and ego.  It will take the work of a divine entity, a Creative force, to reactivate this aspect of our pituitary gland, based on the prediction that we are moving in the direction of continued expansion of understanding.
     Combined with our genetic upgrades, a new telepathic communication system and process is being redesigned for those wanting to move to higher levels of understanding as we enter the new cycle of conceptual understanding.  The manifestation of this communication with higher guides does not happen on its own, it takes effort and dedication to our spiritual growth and understanding to make it happen.  The path and the door to enlightenment is within!  Next lesson: truth versus perception.
     We recommend that you now return to the book, The Augmentation of Man, A Study in Renaissance, and read section that corresponds to the title and chapter of this blog.  Allow time to contemplate, re-read as needed.  Have patience, it does get easier.  This translation is reflective of our current level of understanding.  Perhaps you can find an even more profound one!


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