This book was dictated by ancient mentors of the Creator, the Ancients, and spiritual professors of higher understanding.  It is the picking up where man left off during a hiatus that brings us to completion of our perceptual learning and opens the door to the next learning cycle: that of conceptual learning.  It is one that seeks a deeper understanding.  We will not just know the definition of a word, but we will be able to combine different ideas into an understanding of why it exists and how it supports our spiritual and physical existence.  Fields of math, science and astronomy are correlated to show us how the entirety of Creation is dedicated to the higher movement of all intellectual-spiritual entities.

     The transference of these concepts requires the understanding that the messages are designed to produce the result of an epiphany.  They are dictated in such a way that requires the contemplation and often deciphering of a message that may contain new words or uncommon definitions.  As one reads, they recognize an understanding of a part of the message.  The understanding opens the view of another part of the message for contemplation.  An epiphany descends upon the reader when the entirety of the message is finally understood, producing a vibrational attunement to a new, profound understanding.  This is the object of leaving the lessons in their original dictated form, allowing the reader the ability to go to deeper levels of understanding than if the dictation were to be translated.


     That being said, Kent and Renee have tried to make it easier by putting together a glossary for each chapter.  Use it often, as it contains not only the definitions of new words, but also uncommon definitions of commonly used words that may be more aptly applied to that particular lesson.  Some of the new words were found to have Greek or Latin root words, bringing forth the discovery that the definition arising out of the combined roots fit exactly into the context of the sentence.  Other words did not have the same origin and so we asked for the definition with the assumption that the words came from a larger universal lexicon.  Keep in mind that these beings do not normally “speak,” or transfer thoughts, in the English language that we received the lessons in.

     Just as there are sequential differences in sentence structure between human languages, there will be differences in sequence in this delivery also.  There may also be suffixes added onto words that we normally would not use, but deliver an appropriate context.  Do not get hung up on proper grammar, which will only box in your understanding.  It takes some getting used to, but in time and with practice, it does come easier.  Persistence produces the desired results.  It is important to understand that this is the new direction for humanity in the next learning cycle.  Gone are the days of relying on someone else to tell us what is.

     We will take an example from the preface of the book to walk through the deciphering with you.  The dictation reads, “Aptitudinal interest a must in the successful confrontation; prepare to dilate self.”  In this instance, aptitudinal is in reference to aptitude, the readiness or quickness in learning and not necessarily the intelligence: The word interest gives the clue.  Confrontation, while usually interpreted as conflict, in this instance is more appropriately interpreted as either the meeting of persons face to face or a bringing together of ideas, themes, etc. for comparison.  The word dilate is telling us to “open” ourselves.  The interpretation thus may be: Interest and readiness in learning a must in the successful bringing together of ideas; prepare to open oneself.

     In addition to the book synopsis, we will be providing insight and some assistance on our website and in our blog.  Remember that Kent and Renee are still students, so you are being urged to not stop at these interpretations, rather use them as a starting point.  Perhaps you will uncover an understanding much more profound.  We are all one, working individually and collectively, to understand the entirety of creation, one step at a time.  May the light shine upon your path to reveal who you are and where you are going.  Peace be with you on your journey!