Our lives have changed a lot since 2006, when Kent’s x-neighbor Edie re-entered our lives after 30 years.  Our last child had graduated from high school and left home.  Kent was working as deputy fire marshal and Renee as a registered nurse.  Kent had introduced Renee to the Baptist church, after ten years of Catholicism.  We finally had time to be a couple when Edie entered the picture unexpectedly.  A multitude of strange coincidences and synchronicities began when we were all together.  Edie, determined to get to the bottom of it, announced one  day that Kent had an ability, through meditation, to reach a high-level Source and would be receiving both ancient and new information.  Speechless and confused, Kent replied, “I don’t know how to meditate.”  A month later, our curiosity overcame us and we attempted to teach Kent how to meditate. 

     It wasn’t long before he was hearing dictation and seeing visions while in his sedate state, dictating to Edie and Renee the changes coming for humanity and bringing lessons from the other side of the veil.  Several years later, Kent and Renee would be asked to compile these lessons into a book to be published and to start teaching.  The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance is the first of these lessons.

     Who are these spiritual teachers?  The Ancients.  Ancient preceptor-teachers of the Creator and “professors” who teach higher levels of understanding.  Though difficult to believe at first, the spiritual realm and all of creation were designed for our ever-expanding understanding and intellectual consciousness.  As we complete one cycle of learning, we are now moving into a new and higher valued understanding of Universal Laws and Concepts.  We are moving away from the past paradigm and a new one is taking hold.  Many changes are taking place.  The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance speaks to these changes, corrects past misperceptions and introduces us to the new conceptual learning.  While the language is much different than what we are accustomed to, it is a tool designed to entice us to decode its meaning, and, in the process, produce a succession of new and profound understandings of our world and our purpose in it.

     We are designing this website as a tool to assist the student of the spiritual mysteries in their understanding of the lessons.  In time, you, too, will learn to read the material with much more ease.  Though we were instructed to leave the dictation in its original language, we have added our brief synopsis and a glossary to each chapter in the book.  On this website, we have more readily-available information to help give the student a jump-start.  At the upper-right menu drop-down (horizontal bars), first select the chapter discussions, which are an over-all view of each chapter.  Then move to the corresponding sections of the blog, which goes into more detail and also available through the drop-down menu.  When you feel confident in what you have read, return to the book and its original language as it was dictated.  We believe you will find it much quicker to get to your desired epiphanies and subsequent vibrational attunements, reflecting your new and profound understanding.  We also have many YouTube videos to view under our names, Kent and Renee Miller.  Keep in mind that many misperceptions abound, so it is important to keep an open mind in order to realign to a universal understanding.  Blessed be your path to a new and valuable understanding!