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“All said to a cognitive value to self-worth relating to all organic matter, understand this:  Your existence is only for the matter to obtain the higher essence, which emanates on a diffused pattern from the main neuronetical energy field, the Creator.  We direct the patterns of life, entities higher than those of your knowledge, cipherious in nature, directors under the Creator, directors of neuronetical field alignment and adjustment relating to cognizant beings.”

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The Ancients and Professors of Higher Realms of Understanding

The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance has been divinely designed to deliver a deeper understanding of Creation and our part in it, propelling humanity into a new cycle of conceptual learning.  These conceptual lessons were dictated by the Ancients and professors of higher understanding to correct human misunderstandings and deliver a level of understanding Creation we have not seen before.  The lessons are received while Kent Miller is in deep meditation.  Divine preceptors and high Source entities, the Ancients correct past perceptions and deliver the new and profound understanding to humanity, starting a new cycle of conceptual learning under the direction of the Creator. 


Verdiance Blog: Kent and Renee Miller simplify the lessons from The Augmentation of Man, a Study in Renaissance. The blogs are intended to help people understand the divinely dictated lessons. Earliest blog starts at the beginning of the book. YouTube videos are also available. Blog sign-up form, contact information, YouTube and Twitter links can be found below.